WWE Smackdown Results (10/23) – 8 Man Tag Team Match – The Street Profits (Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins) and Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro and Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

Ford hit From the Heavens on Cesaro for the pin

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WWE Smackdown Results wasn’t surprised when the match was already underway when we returned and Nakamura had Owens down in his team’s corner and choked him out with his foot.

Owens powered out of hit and cleared the apron, but Nakamura threw him off the ropes.

Owens hit with a kick, a clotheslining, and a senton before tagging in Dawkins.

Nakamura tagged in Cesaro and they hit a double kick for a near pinfall, then Cesaro tagged in Roode.

Roode pounded on Dawkins after throwing him tinto a corner, then proceeded to stomp him.

Roode hit an elbow off the ropes and tagged in Ford.

They hit a double team with an assisted flip splash to Ford and a near pinfall attempt.

Ziggler blind tagged in and hit Ford with a dropkick for a near pinfall.

Ziggler then worked on Ford’s eyes at the ropes and Nakamura hit Ford with a kick when the ref was distracted.

Roode tagged in and hit with a backbreaker and a pin attempt.

Cesaro came in and hit with a kick to the chest, and followed it with an uppercut, and Nakamura came in and hit with a kick for a near pinfall.

Cesaro then kicked Ford in the midsection, and locked in a stretch hold.

Ford hit Cesaro with a kick and took out the apron with right hands, then hit Cesaro with a kick

Bryan came in and hit with several strikes, and pulled he top rope down to send Cesaro out to the floor and followed him with a suicide dive.

Bryan attempted a crossbody in the ring, but Cesaro caught him.

Bryan fought out of it and hit with a dropkick.

Bryan flipped off the top rope and injured his right knee.

Cesaro wasted no time in working it over with some kicks to it and slamming it into the floor as we headed to commercial.

Momentum switch

Back from commercial and the action is back in the ring and Roode was working on Bryan’s knee with a knee breaker, and Ziggler then wrapped it around the bottom rope.

Ziggler mocked Bryan, telling him to fight for himself, so Bryan hit with a right.

Ziggler hit with a dive to Bryan’s injured knee, and Cesaro came in an hammered on Bryan’s knee before locking it in a half crab.

Cesaro picked up Bryan by this leg and threw him back in their corner.

Ziggler came in and kept mocking Bryan, demanding he get up.

Bryan caught Ziggler’s dropkick and flipped him into the turnbuckle.

Roode tagged in and cut Bryan off and slammed his knee into the mat and knocked Dawkins off the apron.

Roode then put Bryan on the top rope, but Bryan fought out of a super fisherman suplex attempt, then hit a missile dropkick to buy himself some time.

Dawkins was tagged in and he met Nakamura with a pair of clotheslines and a reverse elbow He hit Cesaro with a front slam and dropkicked Ziggler.

Dawkins then hit with a spinning splash and bulldog for a near pinfall.

Nakamura hit with a heel kick and a backstabber for a near pinfall. He and Cesaro hit a double stomp, brainbuster double team for a near pin that Owens broke up.

Owens then threw Nakamura out of the ring and hit Roode with a stunner. Ziggler caught him with a tornado DDT.

Dawkins knocked Ziggler over the top rope and Cesaro rolled him up but had hit feet n the ropes.

Dawkins hit a spinebuster. Bryan hit Nakamura outside the ring with a knee, and Owens took out Roode and Ziggler on the floor with a senton.

Ford hit a From the Heavens for the pin.

This was a good, old fashioned match until the spot fest and chaos that ensued.

Despite it being standard in tag team wrestling anymore, WWE Smackdown Results feels like it ruined the match.

Plenty of excitement, but not a lot of substance for WWE Smackdown Results liking. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comment below.

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