WWE Smackdown Results (10/23) – Lars Sullivan Defeated Shorty G by pinfall; Sasha Banks Gets Her Contract

Sullivan hit a Freak Accident on Shorty G for the pin

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WWE Smackdown Results returned from commercial, Shorty G was in the ring with kayla Braxton, and she asked why he accepted a match with Lars Sullivan.

He said he’s fed up because he can’t get drafted on Raw or Smackdown, and he’s tired of the disrespect.

He wants to prove he belongs there, so we think he’s going to make a mark. Just not like he expects.

Lars Sullivan vs. Shorty G

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Shorty G was ready and tried to hit a crossbody off the second rope, but Sullivan caught him and threw Shorty G across the ring with a fallaway slam.

Sullivan the pancaked Shorty G face first into the mat off the ropes.

Sullivan carried him around for a powerslam, but Short G raked his eyes and he hit with a couple of strikes and rolling kick.

Sullivan sidestepped a second rolling kick and Shorty G hit the turnbuckle.

Sullivan became incensed and threw Shorty G across the ring, hit him with a clothesline, and then the Freak Accident for the win.

Braxton then asked Shorty G how he felt, and he coughed a couple of times and quit. Guess he means the company.

Didn’t we have an angle like this before?

Rollins’ promise

Alyssa Ashton was backstage and interviewed Seth Rollins.

She asked him about his match against Murphy and mentioned how he joined in the fun last week, and Rollins cut her off mocking her.

He mock laughed about him insulting and attacking him, then he turned serious saying he will teach Murphy a lesson.

He asked for the match to help Murphy to understand his role since he’s the Messiah and Murphy’s a disciple.

He claimed he’ll define Murphy’s role for him, and that sounds like a lot of fun to him.

Chad Gable is back

Backstage in the trainer’s room, Adam Pearce approached Shorty G to check on him and see what he meant about quitting.

Shorty G said he’s done being Shorty G. He’s done playing a character that says it’s just “accept who you are and you can achieve anything you want.”

He said the only one that can achieve anything he wants is an Olympian, and he said his name is Gable. Chad Gable.

Whelp, about time they got rid of the gimmick.

Sasha Banks gets her signature

Bayley was in the ring and said she was annoyed at having to address this, but she gave four interviews throughout the day and everyone kept asking why she’s avoiding Sasha Banks.

She claimed she’s not afraid and that Banks is a spoiled brat and doesn’t deserve the championship.

She hoped her actions would rid her of Banks, but Banks it a bigger pain than before.

Bayley mocked her saying her name is bigger than the championship and she doubts Banks will fit her head in a cell at HIAC.

Bayley refused to sign the contract and said Banks isn’t the boss of her.

So, Sasha Banks then came out with the contract in her hand.

Hope Banks wins this week because we’re tired of hearing a day count for Bayley’s reign every week.

This is one of the vocal promos WWE Smackdown Results can live without.

Banks entered the ring and told her to sign it, btu Bayley refused saying Banks can’t tell her what to do.

Bayley dropped her belt and grabbed her steel chair, but Banks ducked under it and Bayley hti the ropes and dropped the chair.

Banks picked up her belt and Bayley said if she handed it over they’d talk about it.

Banks held out the contract and told her she won’t get the belt until she signs the contract.

Bayley tried to grab the belt but Banks hit her with a knee, then put the chair over Bayley’s throat and stood on the chair to force her to sign the contract.

Bayley kicked her off, so Banks sat on her back with her head through the chair back and made her sign the contract.

Banks then knocked her over and promised to take her title at HIAC and finished what Bayley started.

Banks then left with the signed contract.

This was about what WWE Smackdown Results expected, but at least we should have a great match on Sunday.

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