WWE Smackdown Results (10/23) – Law & Otis; Bianca Beliar Defeated Zelina Vega by pinfall

Belair dominated and hit a KOD for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results tuned in to a mock use of the Law & Order theme.

The coverage switched to the Thunderdome courtroom where Ron Simmons was the bailiff and John Layfield Bradshaw was the judge.

Bradshaw listed the Miz’s complaints, and asked for the Miz’s opening argument, but she was stopped by the Miz.

Miz said he’s there for the truth and threw out a bunch of names as cases and claimed Otis has abused him physically and emotionally as well as not living up to the responsibilities of the MITB contract.

He said he is the WWE superstar that the contract should be given to.

For his opening statement, Otis said he deserves the contract because he wont the MITB ladder match.

The Miz’s lawyer said that was a good argument and he fired her.

It’s great to see these legends again, but this is just odd and WWE Smackdown Results finds it funny that the Miz is saying Otis is basically devaluing the MITB contract while this storyline is doing just that.

 Words fail us at the moment, but we hope it turns out better than we expect it to.

Sami Zayn has issues with Daniel Bryan

After the commercial break, Bryan, Owens and the Street Profits were backstage congratulating each other on their match.

Bryan was approached by Sami Zayn, who claimed Bryan badmaouthed him for saying the Intercontinental Championship should be defended each week.

He said he doesn’t agree with Bryan, and he makes the terms. He added that going forward, Bryan needs to keep his visions to himself because Zayn will do things his way as long as he’s champion.

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

They started off with a lockup and Beliar pushed Vega into a corner, and Vega sat on the top rope and slapped her.

Belair grabbed her by the hair and threw her off the top rope.

Belair mocked her, so Vega kicked her in the backside while still on the mat,

Belair tried to grab her, but Vega kicked her arm, but Belair later body slammed her, and then nailed her with a shoulder tackle.

Belair his a standing moonsault and a kick up, then dragged Vega into the ring, btu Vega hti a couple of kicks, and then a knee in the corner.

Vega hit with a hurricanranna, but Belair caught her next attempt ad hit her with a right hand.

Belair deadlifted her off the mat and into a press slam. After carrying her around the ring, she dropped Vega on the turnbuckle and then hit a KOD (Kiss of Death) for the pin.

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