WWE Smackdown Results (10/23) – Law & Otis Verdict

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WWE Smackdown Results returned to the courtroom as John Morrison was on the stand saying that Otis assaulted both of them and a lot of people.

 He added it’s not the physical scars but the emotional ones that hurt the most.

Morrison then needed a tissue to blow his nose.

Rey Mysterio was next, and he said he was in the MITB ladder match and that 8 of them walked in, and only Otis walked out. He said Otis should be able to cash the contract in any time he wants.

Asuka was next and she went on a tirade that no one understood, through Teddy Long said he got “Every single word, player” to Bradshaw.

Tucker was next, and he said Otis is his best friend, and while Otis may not be as educated as some, he is sensitive.

He mentioned how the Miz had Mandy Rose traded to Raw and deserves everything that comes his way.

Miz asked if he could treat eh witness as hostile, and Bradshaw said it was about time things got hostile.

Miz asked if he really deserved everything that happened and if Otis neglected the contract.

He said that all Otis can think of of beating the crap out of him and Tucker wants to do it right now.

After Simmons reestablished order, Bradshaw said he’s return with his verdict.

The Verdict

We’re back from commercial with the verdict.

Bradshaw said that something in all of this was missing and that was the truth.

He said that he’s supposed to believe the Miz’s argument about causng physical and mental harm and crating an unsafe work environment is a WWE superstar job requirement.

He added that if those were crimes, then he and Ron Simmons would be serving life sentences.

He then said the MITB negligence, it’s not negligence that Otis hasn’t cashed it in yet because the contract states he has a full year.

Bradshaw was about to rule in Otis’ favor when Miz said he has one piece of key evidence and he pulled out a briefcase.

Simmons took the briefcase and Bradshaw opened it to the sound of a cash register.

Smiling, Bradshaw closed the briefcase and set it on the floor next to him and ruled in favor of the Miz.

He ordered Otis to face the Miz at HIAC and the winner with get the contract.

After the ruling, Teddy Long cracked his knuckles and Simmons let out his customary “Damn!”

Guess he and Long weren’t happy Bradshaw didn’t share the “new evidence” with them?

While entertaining thanks to the legends appearing, this storyline is one of the worse ones WWE Smackdown Results have seen lately. Hope it gets better.

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