AEW Dynamite Results: Eddie Kingston Meets Jon Moxley Face To Face

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Ahead of their I Quit match at AEW Full Gear, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston will meet face to face once again. Last time this happened was after Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer, when Kingston would choke out Moxley, like he did during their first match.

Heated promos have gotten us this far, but will a big brawl break out as they meet face to face again? Tony Khan wants this to stay clean, so any physicality between means the match is off. Simple as that.

Eddie Kingston Has Become Everything He Hated

Tony Schiavone would reside over this meeting, and Eddie Kingston hit the ring first. His cold eyes said it all, and he’d tell Schiavone to hold that microphone up, and Jon Moxley hit the ring. Much like Kingston, Moxley’s eyes were cold and focused. Kingston would bait Moxley in, and kick Schiavone out of the ring.

He’d ask Moxley if he thinks this is a game, and say that he’s going to ruin Moxley at Full Gear and take the title away. Kingston is going to take that title to his mother, and say that this is why she got no grandkids or a daughter in law. The AEW Championship is what matters to Kingston, and Moxley holds that.

Kingston had to sell out, had to become everything he hated, and it’s too late for him now. Moxley isn’t saving any souls, but Kingston is winning gold. They’d stare daggers, and Moxley would take the microphone.

Jon Moxley Broke A Promise

Moxley knows to choose who he calls friends wisely, and loyality is a bitch. He’s been burned time and time again, but never thought Eddie would burn him. Moxley was so happy when Kingston signed a contract with AEW, happy for him and his mother, who’s kitchen table Moxley dined at, who’s table he said grace at.

He promised Kingston’s mom that he would look after her son, that he would have his back and keep him safe. Moxley broke that promise along the way. He knows that the loudest one in the room is always the weakest, and Kingston has been awful loud. This Saturday, Kingston gets the shot he never got.

He knows that this Saturday, he’s gonna lose. After 18 years, he’s gonna realize he didn’t deserve this after all. The worst part is, the part that make Moxleys sick, is that Kingston made a promise to his mother that he can’t keep.

Kingston would tell Moxley that he better get ready to kill him at Full Gear, and that’s what it will take to make him utter those two words. Who will say them at Full Gear? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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