AEW Dynamite Results: Hikaru Shida vs. Anna Jay [AEW World Women’s Championship Match]

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There is only one title match this week, but it could be the best match of the night. AEW World Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida is finally back in the ring, facing off with Anna Jay of Dark Order. Last time they met, Jay was a bright eyed rookie, but she’s improved tenfold since then, working her way up to this major chance. Will she start her second year in the ring with a major title win?

Anna Jay Shows Her Skills

Shida & Jay would have a bit of a shoving match, before Shida applied a headlock. Being shoved off, she’d run through Jay with a shoulder tackle, before Jay nabbed a sleeper hold. Shida was easily able to escape the hold, and would hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, before a running dropkick.

Jay would end up set up for the running knee on the apron, but got her hands up to block. She’d press the advantage with some hard strikes and by running Shida into the apron, as we got to a picture in picture break. During this, Jay would remain in control with some mounted strikes and stomps, going after the hurt knee of Shida.

Hikaru Shida Rallies Back

Shida would be choked and thrown around the ring, Jay controlling the pace and the ring like a veteran would. Jay would lose some control before hitting a kick to the face and a running blockbuster. She’d ask Tay Conti to grab her a chair, but the referee took it.

This was the plan, because John Silver passed Jay the kendo stick of Shida, and smacked her right in the knee with it. The Queen Slayer would be applied, and Shida would roll to her feet. A hard strike to the back and a suplex would see Jay counter into a pinfall attempt.

Shida came back with a straight jacket German Suplex, before sliding in with the running knee and that was it for Anna Jay. She did better this time around, but still isn’t on Shida’s level.

Abadon Is Next

While celebrating this win, the music of Abadon would hit. The Living Dead Girl of AEW would crawl out and scare Shida to the point where she fell down the stairs on the stage. Abadon would lick the AEW Women’s Championship, declaring herself as the next challenger.

Why is Shida so scared of Abadon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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