AEW Dynamite Results: How Did Jon Moxley Get Here, Kenny Omega Signs The Contract

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On the December 2nd episode of AEW Dynamite, we will see possibly the biggest match in company history as Jon Moxley defends the AEW World Championship against Kenny Omega. There really isn’t much needed build for this match, it makes itself based on their name value alone. However, the contract needs to be inked, and that goes down tonight.

How Did Jon Moxley Get Here?

It’s been a long 18 year journey, and Moxley would sit down to tell us about it earlier in the night. His dad was one reason he got here. One day, he picked him up from the police station, but didn’t hit him for once. Instead, he told him that they are the good guys, never forget this.

Moxley hasn’t been phased when people tried to steal his title, he’s fought off monsters, technicians and best friends. He never falters in the face of a challenge, because he’s one of the good guys. This reign has been hard on him, his body is broken down, his wife is pregnant at home, and everyone is coming at him for his two titles. Wait… Renee is pregnant? Congrats to the new parents!

But what does he do? What he always does. He adapts, fights on, because he’s the best wrestler in the world, the AEW World Champion, his fathers son, he’s Jon goddamn Moxley. That will never change.

Contract Signing Time

Kenny Omega would get the usual big introduction, comparing his achievements to Jon Moxley, who is not a Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer, and doesn’t train in North Carolina. There was nothing but confidence in Omega, who was sharply dressed in a suit and sunglasses.

Moxley wouldn’t come down when his music played, having been laid out backstage on his way to the ring. No one saw who did it, but he was bloody and unresponsive. Kenny Omega certainly had nothing to do with that. Maybe he’s just trying to avoid Omega. Omega would sign the contract, and hopefully Moxley can too.

Something happened to the champion, but he’s got plenty of enemies backstage. Maybe it was Lance Archer, Eddie Kingston, Mr. Brodie Lee, Brian Cage, or anyone else who he’s beaten?

Who will win on December 2nd? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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