AEW Dynamite Results: Inner Circle (Ortiz & Sammy Guveara) vs. MJF & Wardlow

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AEW Dynamite Results: Inner Circle (Ortiz & Sammy Guveara) vs. MJF & WardlowAt Full Gear, the stakes for MJF vs. Jericho are big. If MJF wins, he is allowed to join The Inner Circle. Jericho is open to this, but Ortiz & Sammy Guevara aren’t a fan of this idea. Thus, they will face MJF & Wardlow in tag team action tonight, looking to play gatekeeper and soften up MJF for ‘Le Champion.

Jericho would be on commentary, getting a front row seat for this match. He’d meet with MJF before coming out, and say that he’s soft. That’s why he won’t work in Inner Circle or beat him at Full Gear!

Ortiz Gets Overwhelmed

MJF would get started with Sammy Guevara, before quickly tagging in Wardlow. Ortiz would gladly face Mr. Mayhem, and grab a headlock. He’d be shoved off, but come back and hit a low dropkick to make Wardlow take a knee. A quick chokeslam dropped Ortiz, and MJF would come in to pick the bones with a knee strike, which would be missed.

Ortiz went for the eyes, but Wardlow hit from behind and he crumpled like a paper mache tower in the rain. MJF would stomp him out, and tag Wardlow back in. Ortiz would be beat down and prevented from tagging in Guevara by Wardlow, and whenever things looked good for them? MJF could come in.

At a moment of danger, then in comes Wardlow. MJF held his own in the ring, but didn’t want to get hurt before his match with Jericho. Ortiz was completely isolated, having spent the entire match in MJF & Wardlows corner. MJF almost ran into Wardlow, but stopped himself before taking an enziguri. Wardlow came in, but was too late as Sammy Guevara hit the ring.

Using his agility he’d hit a step up enziguri, a running knee and another kick to the face to stagger Wardlow. MJF came in, but Guevara was on fire and took both him and Wardlow at once, hitting a double crossbody and took both men out, before corkscrew suicide dives when they fled outside.

Sammy Guevara & MJF Are Stars

He’d pop MJF up into the air and kick his back, before Ortiz came in. MJF was set up in the corner, but Wardlow saved him and let MJF stomp the arm and set up that Salt of the Earth armbar, instead throwing him into Wardlow and they both crashed to the outside.

It was MJF & Guevara legal in the ring, and Guevara had the upper hand before a thumb to the eye. He’d come back with a jumping high knee and the GTH for a near fall. Wardlow saved the match only to be taken out by some double team offense from The Inner Circle.

They’d set up a double superplex on MJF in the corner, but Wardlow sent everyone down with a powerbomb, MJF getting the worst of this. He’d drag MJF to the corner and tag him in, ready to finish this match solo if needed.

Ortiz would be hit with the F-10, and Guveara broke the pin with a frog splash. MJF came in and became legal, only to be sent outside and hit with a springboard 450 splash from Guevara. Matt Hardy hid as Serpentico at ringside and threw a chair at Guevara, turning his lights out. In the ring, MJF applied the Salt Of The Earth, and this one was through.

Will MJF beat Chris Jericho and join The Inner Circle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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