AEW Dynamite Results: Miro vs. Trent?

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AEW Dynamite Results: Miro vs. Trent?Since coming to AEW, Miro has been sticking with Kip Sabian for tag team matches, working off his ring rust in the process. Now, it’s his sink or swim moment. His performances have been less than stellar, with him botching the finish of his last match. Tonight, he has one of the best wrestlers in all of AEW in Trent? of the Best Friends. If he can’t have a good match tonight, things might not look good for Miro.

Trent Is Being Mauled

Miro would highjack the ring announcing duties and mock Trents mom, only to be hit with a big dropkick getting this match started. Trent went for the swinging DDT in the corner, but Miro stopped this in it’s tracks. Miro would counter another risky move from Trent in the corner, pulling him off the middle rope into a tight backdrop driver.

Some forearm shots to a downed Trent would get a near fall, and he’d follow it up with some extra strikes and force his opponent into the corner. He’d pull Trent in for a lariat, and it wasn’t looking good for Trent as he got suplexed. Trent threw some punches but was dropped with a back elbow and would be choked on the rope.

At ringside, Chuck Taylor would attack Kip Sabian and they’d end up backstage. Penelope Ford would be unable to follow, her path blocked by OC. Miro wasn’t bothered in the ring, as he’d just throw Trent around like a ragdoll.

A dodged charge in the corner would give Trent a brief opening and hit some strikes, before going for the swinging DDT again, it being stopped and turned into a suplex.

Miro would then simply throw Trent out of the ring into the corner, as we’d go to a commercial break, throughout which the mauling continued. At ringside, Dark Order would take out Orange Cassidy and be ejected, but John Silver got some hits in on his Full Gear opponent

Miro Says Game Over!

Coming back from the break, Miro hit a running kick and dropped Trent. He was like a cat playing with his kill at this point, and would catch Trent in a bearhug next. Trent hit some bell claps and freed himself before getting punched in the face.

Miro came right back after a lariat was shrugged off, but Trent suckered him in, Miro bouncing off the corner and being dropped with a lariat. Trent grabbed the wrist and hit some strikes, and then got the Half & Half Suplex.

The running knee strike was set up, but Miro caught him and ragdolled him into the mat with a slam for a near fall. Miro went for a big strike of his own, but got rolled up for a near fall and then sent to the outside, Trent diving onto him successfully. Another attempt at the swinging DDT would work.

The running knee would hit, but Miro kicked out at 2.5. Trent would slip off the top rope going for a springboard, getting kicked in the face. Miro would lock in Game Over for the win.

This was the best Miro has looked in years, and he’d get Trent in the Game Over again and prompt Chuck Taylor to make the save, but Kip Sabian helped him clear the ring. Orange Cassidy jumped onto Miro as he cut a promo on Trents mom, and that ended this one.

Are Miro & Kip Sabian future tag team champions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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