AEW Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian

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The feud between Best Friends and the unlikely duo of Miro & Kip Sabian has failed to pick up much steam, with the main hook being a broken arcade cabinet, but that doesn’t mean AEW isn’t trying to make this work. Tonight, we get another step in this feud, as Best Friends ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy takes on Kip Sabian in a big singles outing tonight on AEW Dynamite. Miro would be on commentary for this one, cheering Sabian on.

Don’t Put Your Hands In Pockets!

We all know how an Orange Cassidy match starts, but this time Kip took a swing before OC could put his hands in his pockets, and managed to grab a side headlock. OC got one of his own, never forget he’s also scary good in the ring. After showing up Sabian, he wanted to put his hands in pockets, but Sabian would stop him again.

Sabian kept wrestling his usual match, but OC was not bothered. Finally, he’d stop a drop toehold, get hands in pockets and walk away. Now hands in pockets, he’d run the ropes, duck and dodge before hitting a dropkick. He’d send Sabian to the outside, finally take his hands out and hit a suicide dive. Penelope Ford would distract OC and let Sabian recover.

Sabian gets a springboard enzuigiri and a big gutbuster, before we went to a picture-in-picture break. Throughout, Sabian would remain in control of OC, slowing the pace down and brawling. This would fire up OC, and he’d get a quick rollup before being dropped with a lariat. We’d come back to full screen as Sabian was dodged in the corner, before putting OC up top.

Orange Cassidy Gets Serious

OC dodged a superplex attempt and hit a big diving crossbody, then a swinging DDT. Going up again, he’d try for the diving DDT but Sabian put on the brakes and stopped it. Sabian failed to follow up with a kick, instead, being sent head first into the turnbuckle pads.

OC would hit the diving DDT, getting a very close two count. Getting serious, OC would rip off the elbow pad to set up the Orange Punch, but Sabian slipped outside so OC just sighed and put it back in. Sabian literally slipped coming back in, but got back up quick. They’d battle for a suplex, Sabian getting it and hitting the PK for a near fall.

A big driver from Sabian was still not enough to end this match, and he’d go for the swinging neckbreaker off the ropes. OC countered into a small package. This got a two count, Sabian countered and went for the neckbreaker again. OC countered into the MouseTrap, and this one was over.

Miro would rush the ring and behead OC with a lariat after the match, before fleeing as Trent & Chuck Taylor hit the ring. When will this feud end? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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