AEW Dynamite Results: PAC & Rey Fenix vs. The Butcher & The Blade

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After a big return with a win last week over Blade, PAC would already knock something off his to-do list. Death Triangle has been restored, with The Lucha Bros back in the corner of PAC, both men coming back to the aid of PAC as The Butcher, The Blade & Eddie Kingston attacked. Now, PAC teams with Fenix to face off with Butcher & The Blade in tag team action, with Eddie Kingston on commentary of course.

PAC & Fenix Are On Fire

Before the bell would ring, Butcher & The Blade would attack PAC & Fenix. Butcher threw Fenix into the ring while Blade brawled with PAC at ringside. Fenix would be dwarfed by Butcher, but PAC made the save and that allowed Fenix to get the dropkick. They’d hit dives to the outside, taking out both members of Butcher & The Blade.

PAC became legal and went right for Black Arrow, but Butcher got back to his feet and ran him through with a crossbody. He’d just carry PAC to the corner with a gutwrench, tag in Blade and a dropkick would be hit. Blade was in complete control of PAC, Fenix being tagged in would shift the balance of the match.

PAC would tag back in, and Blade was quickly getting isolated. He’d try to go blow for blow with PAC, but just pissed The Bastard off, before dropping him with a lariat. Fenix & Butcher got into it, but Butcher was too big for him, and was swatted out of the sky with a headbutt.

A commercial break would come, and through picture & picture, we’d see Blade isolated once again by Fenix & PAC. As we came back, PAC hit an elbow drop but when Fenix got in Blade was able to take control and Butcher came in.

Eddie Kingston Is The Difference Maker

Again, the size difference between Butcher & Fenix came into play, as he hit a jumping leg drop. Heavy strikes would rattle Fenix, and Blade would follow up. However, Blade isn’t able to control Fenix and he took a cutter and tagged PAC in. He’d once again just tear Blade apart with quick strikes into a Northern Lights Suplex, getting a two count on the bridge.

Blade would dodged the shooting star press and get a snap powerslam, before crawling to the corner to bring in Butcher. The lariat would nearly behead PAC, but he kicked out at two. Blade came in to hit a doctor bomb, but Fenix broke the pin up before Butcher dumped him to the outside.

PAC got a blind tag into Fenix, and they’d take out Blade. Kingston saw enough, and as Bunny noticed him coming she’d distract the referee. This allowed Kingston to take Fenix off the top rope, and Butcher & The Blade hit Full Death for the win.

Everybody Dies

After the match, they’d continue to beat down all of Death Triangle, and Bunny brought in a chair. Someone had to run a save here, and we’d have an unlikely savior as a PAC was hit with two DDT’s onto a chair.

A familiar song would air, and I think he just wanted a fight. Lance Archer hit the ring and took out anything still moving. Kingston & Butcher were taken down with a crossbody, and Archer stood tall after running Kingston off.

Is Lance Archer aligned with Death Triangle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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