AEW Dynamite Results: PAC vs. The Blade

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Eight long months is what PAC spent in isolation. During that time, the landscape of AEW has changed. New names have burst onto the scene, new champions have been crowned, all while he sat and watched from the sidelines.

Now he’s back, and has his eyes set on Eddie Kingston, who has been manipulating Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M for weeks now. He asked for a match against Kingston himself, but instead of Blade, who might be set for a mauling here. Kingston would be on commentary, getting a good look at a potential rival.

The Bastard Is Back

As soon as the bell rang, PAC would hit a dropkick and drop Blade hard. He’d stomp him into the mat, and Blade was still sporting injuries from the Bunkhouse Match. Blade was thrown to the outside, and ran right into the barricades. Butcher would prevent another barricade from meeting his partner, but back in the ring PAC hit a dropkick off the top rope.

PAC hasn’t missed a beat, and would pick a fight with Butcher, this giving Blade a chance to take advantage. Now he was ran into the barricades, and back in the ring a vertical suplex would send him into the rope, and PAC nearly landed on his head. PAC got to the apron and hit a sloppy DDT over the top rope, showing slight ring rust for PAC.

This would be the last of the rust, as he sent Blade into the corner. A solebutt to the midsection, kick to the face and another midsection kick would be normally followed with a dropkick, but Bunny got the leg. PAC would fight her if he got the chance, but Butcher ran him down at ringside before sending him into the ring for a Doctor Bomb as we went into picture & picture.

PAC Cuts Blade Deep

Throughout the break, PAC would be beat down by Blade in the ring. Things weren’t looking good for PAC, all of his comeback attempts being snuffed out. As we came back to full screen, PAC was taking some punches to the face. He’d come back just as hard, staggering Blade in the corner but missed a charge in.

PAC would hit a thrust kick but get hit with a scoop powerslam, getting a two count. He’d make another comeback, stopping Blade from going up top and wanted his signature high superplex. This only got a two count, and PAC was getting more pissed off.

PAC wanted the Black Arrow, but Bunny played the distraction game and he came down just in time to superkick Butcher. Blade went for a rollup with a handful of tights, but PAC kicked out. He was in position again, Shooting Star Press & Brutalizer ended this one.

Death Triangle Lives

Afterwards, PAC would call out Eddie Kingston, but got blindside but The Butcher. Rey Fenix made the save for PAC, but was beaten down by Butcher & The Blade. Penta El Zero M came to ringside with a chair, and chose his side.

Instead of hitting Penta, he went after Kingston and his crew. He’d help Fenix & PAC up, Death Triangles music hit. They are back, and a big match is coming. Which is the better faction? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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