AEW Dynamite Results: The Inner Circle Slays Las Vegas!

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That’s the time honoured saying for one of the party capitals of the world, but it won’t apply to the visit from The Inner Circle. New member MJF paid the way for everyone to have a great time in Vegas, and tonight we will get a peek into what happened in Sin City. MJF always has something up his sleeve, so what was his dastardly plan this time?

Inner Circle Slays Vegas Part One

They’d touch down with the intent to slay Vegas, hitting up the Casinos, MJF really buttering up Ortiz with some gambling. Santana & Guevera were not impressed. When they hit up a strip club, Wardlow & Jake Hager would instead stare daggers at each other.

Jericho & MJF would share some drinks, not being able to agree on what to order. They’d go from ordering Vodka and Rum to Moonshine and Everclearl. It’s unclear what they got in the end, but it had some serious burn.

A bit tipsy, they’d find their ride, Santana & Ortiz wanted to take it to the next level. Enter their old pal Konnan, who always has the best stuff. They’d exit a smoke filled limo, and this finally got Hager and Wardlow to stop wanting to either kiss or fight. Konnan thought he saw a dragon, but it was a man in a costume. They were just ungodly high, and picked up some shirtless guy.

Guevara told MJF he hated him, but everyone was too drunk to know he’s serious. Wardlow would punch a guy for getting between him and Hager, who were back to their usual games. This led to them beating up staff, just to prove who is tougher. We’d get a ‘To Be Continued’, and shift into Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy.

The Hangover AEW Edition

After the contract signing, we’d come back to Inner Circle in Vegas with their new member. ELVIS! They were having a great time, but MJF needed to get something off his chest. He always considered himself a lone wolf, but The Inner Circle is his wolfpack.

They’re blood brothers, but Guevara wanted to make a blood pact. Everyone stopped him, and didn’t know where he even got a knife. Instead, they’d howl at the moon. Jericho woke up with a bottle of gin, a hangover, and in bed with Elvis. MJF woke up in a tub with writing all over his face. Guevara was in a fountain, and got married three times apparently.

Ortiz was working out, Santana found some chickens, and for some reason Hornswoggle was there in a diaper. Did you expect everything to work out like this? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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