AEW Dynamite Results: Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb [NWA Women’s Championship Match]

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There is a women’s championship match set for tonight, but surprise surprise it’s not the AEW Women’s Championship held by Hikaru Shida. No, the spotlight again goes to the NWA Women’s Championship held by Serena Deeb.

She won the belt from Thunder Rosa a few weeks back, and now Rosa is back for her gold. A simple story, and this should be an excellent match. Add in Abaddon slinking around in the shadows for extra drama, and it could be the match of the night.

Another Classic In The Making

They would get right up in each others faces, before backing off to get started. A hard lockup would be won by Deeb, getting Rosa in the corner. Rosa went behind, Deeb got the standing switch and Rosa took her to the mat.

A camel clutch would be moved into a crossface into a front headlock into an armbar. Thunder Rosa is a submission master, and she was going to work on Deeb here. Deeb would show her ground game, almost getting a pinfall on her opponent. A headlock would be applied, but Rosa fought to her feet.

Deeb would be sent for a run, dropped with an armdrag and then hit with a running senton. A drop toehold sent Deeb to the middle rope, Rosa ran in with a senton. She’d linger on the apron, and Deeb hit two rope trapped dragon screws as we go into picture & picture.

Britt Baker Assaults Thunder Rosa

During the break, Rosa would be put up top, and Deeb applied the Gory Stretch within the ropes before letting Rosa fall to the mat. She was in total control, but as we came back to full screen, was tripped into the middle turnbuckle. Rosa ran in with a lariat, and sent some short ones as well before hitting two knees to the chest.

A big running dropkick and a double underhook suplex got a near fall, before Deeb went back to the leg for more dragon screws. Rosa fought out, but got a big neckbreaker instead, staying on the apron for a spear.

Deeb went for Go to Sleep, but Rosa slipped out and hit a German Suplex. She’d go up top and hit a missile dropkick, Deeb spilling to the outside. For some reason, Rebel was there, and Britt Baker took out Rosa with a neckbreaker on the outside. Deeb was handed an easy win, and just hit the powerbomb. Rosa still kicked out.

Serena Deeb Gets The Defense

They’d trade pinfall attempts, before Rosa hit a double stomp to the gut, but Deeb went right in for the Sereinty Lock. Rosa would counter into a pinfall, getting two. She’d drop Deeb with a facebuster, but a lax cover only got a near fall. Some more pinfalls would be traded, Deeb getting the Swiss Special, and this one was done.

Afterwards, Thunder Rosa would attack Baker at ringside, taking her pound of flesh as revenge. What was Britt Bakers reason for attacking Rosa? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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