AEW Full Gear Buy In Results: Serena Deeb vs. Allysin Kay [NWA Women’s Championship Match]

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The sole Buy In match for tonight’s PPV, and it’s a simple story. Allysin Kay is new to AEW, but not to the NWA Women’s Championship. She lost the belt to Thunder Rosa, who lost the belt to Serena Debb. Kay simply wants what is hers back, and it should be a great match from both ladies. Thunder Rosa might also be lurking close behind, so whoever wins better watch their back.

Serena Deeb Is Focused

They’d lock up in the middle of the ring, and Kay would have the size and strength advantage, but it’s hard to out-wrestle Deeb. Deeb’s wrestling ability would let her get the wristlock, and take Kay to the mat with the greatest of ease. Kay would fight back to her feet, only to be taken down with two arm drags. Deeb would counter a big boot into a Dragon Screw, and go after the legs in addition to the arms. When she went for the Serenity Lock, Kay lurched to the ropes for safety.

Back to their feet, Kay would slap the taste out of the mouth of Deeb, and things got more physical. Kay would get aggressive, and sent Deeb to the apron, only to charge into a front facelock, and have Deeb hit a neckbreaker within the ropes. Deeb would come back into the right for some brawling, but get flapjacked onto the top rope and hit with a running big boot.

Finally able to take control on the mat, Kay would apply a straight jacket hold, but Deeb fought to her feet and hit the backstabber. Kay didn’t stay down long, before going for an Air Raid crash on Deeb, Deeb countering into a Octopus Stretch. Deeb wouldn’t get a tap out, and instead be slammed right into the mat. Kay was in firm control, even after being flung across the ring, when Deeb ran right into a spinebuster.

Allysin Kay Gets Caught

Deeb escaped the sleeper hold that followed, and came back with a short arm clothesline and some quick uppercuts. She’d take Kay down and grind the boot alongside the face of Kay, before taking Kay up for a series of neckbreakers, the hanging neckbreaker getting a near fall. Kay countered out of a piledriver attempt and slammed Deeb into the mat, and got a two count off a very arrogant cover. She’d hit the AK-47 on Deeb, but Deeb fled the ring.

When Kay went out to retritrive her, she’d send her into the ring but get caught with a dragon screw upon re-entry. Kay would then take a Facebuster, but got her foot on the bottom rope to survive. Things were too far gone however for Kay, as Deeb quickly applied the Serenity Lock, and Kay had no choice but to tap out.

As expected, following this match, Thunder Rosa made her way to the ring and confronted Serena Deeb. It’s clear she wants her title back, and that’s a match likely to happen on AEW programming. Do you think Thunder Rosa can win the belt back, or is Serena Deeb in for a long reign? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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