AEW Full Gear Results: Hangman Page vs. Kenny Omega [AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals]

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The field of eight was quickly reduced to an obvious two in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. Hangman Page beat Colt Cabana & Wardlow, while Kenny Omega demolished Sonny Kiss and went to war with Penta El Zero M. Former tag team champions turned bitter rivals. Omega has found his singles edge again, while Page found the bottom of the whiskey barrel following their breakup. Tonight’s match could go either way, but Hangman is on edge going into this one.

Hangman Page Is Focused

Omega offered a handshake to start, but Page didn’t accept it. Page was the aggressor early on, but also having Omega scouted, dodging a V-Trigger before they would throw some chops in the middle of the ring. Page thought he had Omega staggered, before taking a snap Hurricanrana and being sent to the outside. Omega tried for the Terminator Dive, but instead got a big boot to the face, followed by a fallaway slam.

Page would let Omega recover, and Omega went to the apron, only to grab Page by the head and slam him into the turnbuckle. Omega wouldn’t get the advantage he wanted, instead getting hit with a superplex. Some brawling on the outside would see Page get very aggressive, throwing Omega into the barricade. He tried this one too many times, Omega jumping onto the barricade and hitting a moonsault.

Back in the ring, Omega would hit the Kotaru Crusher for a near fall. Page would get back to his feet, and would trade chops before Omega got the fireman’s carry. He’d land awkward as he went for the moonsault, but after taking a moment still got the moonsault. Omega would slow the pace of the match down to grind Page down a bit, but the moment Page got moving again he’d nail a big springboard lariat, and send Omega to the outside.

Page dove over the top rope, but Omega had this scouted and missed, and took a baseball slide, knocking him down. Omega dove over the top rope, right onto Page, got Page back in the ring and hit the missile dropkick to the back of the head, Tiger Mask style. The snapdragon would be set up next, but Page fought free, only to run into a chop. Omega almost got the One Winged Angel, but Page then almost hit that move himself, before being sent outside.

Kenny Omega Is The Big Match Player

Page wanted the Buckshot lariat, but Omega hit the V-Trigger. Omega tried for a springboard to the outside, almost being hit with Deadeye, and then getting hit with a pop-up powerbomb on the ramp, and another in the ring for a near fall. Page was in control, he was focused and Omega is the one making missteps and mistakes.

They’d trade blows, in the middle of the ring, Omega seeming to get the upper hand before getting a rolling elbow to the face. Omega responded back with a knee to the jaw and a Tiger Driver ‘98, but this only got a two count as Omega lagged on getting the tag. Page dodged a V-Trigger and countered a German Suplex, getting another rolling elbow and a German Suplex attempt of his own. Omega landed on his feet, went for a snap dragon, but instead was hit with Deadeye, only getting a two count.

It will take the Buckshot, and Page would set this up. Omega tried to counter into a pinfall, but Page countered the counter, and got a 2.9 count! Another setup of the Buckshot led to him getting hit with a Dragon Screw, and a knee to the head. He’d keep trying, but Omega dodged and hit two V-Triggers, and set up One Winged Angel. It landed flush, and Kenny Omega wins this match, and the tournament. Jon Moxley or Eddie Kingston have their next challenger.

Will Kenny Omega become the AEW Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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