AEW Full Gear Results: Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston [AEW World Title I Quit Match]

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As life goes on, sometimes great friendships fade away. That’s something Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley never expected to happen, but when Moxley signed with WWE and left him behind? It was over. Moxley sold out, and Kingston became more cold and guarded.

When they’d reunite in AEW, it was an absolute war in the ring, with Moxley choking Kingston out with the Bulldog Choke. Kingston didn’t quit, but tonight someone will be forced to say those words. The promos alone have made this the feud of the year, now they just need to deliver a main event match.

Kingston was laser focused, his big break after 18 years and he wasn’t going to waste it. His Green & Silver attire of Kingston was a tribute to Mitsuharu Misawa, one of the best to ever enter a ring, one of the Four Pillars. Needless to say, Moxley is as focused as ever in this one as well. He never takes a challenger lightly, and that is why he’s undefeated.

This Is Going To Be A Brawl

They’d get right to brawling, both men throwing hard chops. Kingston would add in some kicks, and Moxley took him down with an ankle pick. Moxley had Kingston down, but he’d bite the ear and Moxley got off him. They’d go back to throwing strikes, and Kingston would get a belly to belly suplex, and Moxley fled outside. He’d be sent back in, and Kingston grabbed a chair only to be hit with a dive.

Kingston would have his hand targeting as they brawled on the outside. This one can go anywhere, and would be a drag out fight. Kingston would be suplexed on the concrete, but it’ll take more time than this to make him quit. The Bulldog Choke was applied, but more biting led to Moxley breaking the hold. Back to the ringside area, and Kingston would throw Moxley into the barricade, then the corner post.

Kingston would throw some chairs into the ring, and Moxley got a barbed wire bat. He’d swing for the fences, and now both men were bloody. Kingston still would not quit, even when it was raked across his forehead. He’d counter the next swing and hit a series of backdrops, some rare wrestling moves in this match.

Eddie Kingston Gets Extreme

Kingston would follow that up by throwing a steel chair at Moxley, who’d come back and gouge the eye of Kingston. Moxley would be choked in response, before being sent into the barbed wire bat, and hit with a steel chair, before it was thrown at the head again. Kingston would remove a strand of barbed wire, and wrap it around his right hand before punching Moxley and dig it into his forehead. A spinnning backfist would follow, and a double wrist lock was applied, Moxley would bite his way free.

He’d end up in the corner, and Kingston set up two chairs in the ring. Moxley would avoid being suplexed into those chairs, getting Kingston instead. Despite this, Kingston was back up first and hit a lariat. As expected with these matches, a bag was under the ring. Tacks like usual, poured in the ring.

Moxley fired up and hit a German Suplex, Kingston came back with a backdrop, and Moxley won the exchange with a suplex. He noticed the tacks, and would look for the Paradigm Shift, but Kingston countered into a Uranage into the tacks, but Moxley didn’t quit. Kingston grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol from the ringside doctor, and kicked Moxley low twice.

Jon Moxley Goes Far Enough To End This

Moxley would have his crotch assaulted, but wouldn’t quit. Kingston grabbed that alcohol, opened it, and poured it over the punctured back of Moxley, a spot that’ll make anyone cringe. Moxley still would not quit. Kingston grabbed a handful of tacks, and punched Moxley, then went for the barbed wire. He’d give it up and look for the Bulldog Choke.

Some crossface shots would see the hold broken, and Moxley grabbed a sleeper hold and turned into the Gotch Style Piledriver. Minoru Suzuki somewhere smiled, and The Paradigm Shift would follow. Kingston wouldn’t quit, and Moxley had barbed wire wrapped around the forearm. The Bulldog Choke would be applied with the barbed wire, and this was finally enough. Kingston said the magic words, and this was over.

This is up there with the Lights Out match from Full Gear last year in terms of violence. It could go down as one of the best I Quit matches ever, up there with Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard. He’d help Kingston to his feet, and if friendship wasn’t refound, respect was regained.

Kenny Omega is next for Moxley, can he finally end this reign? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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