AEW Full Gear Results: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara [Elite Deletion Match]

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At All Out, Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara was the defining moment of the night for all the wrong reasons. It was a horrific match from the start, which led to Hardy falling off a scissor lift to concrete, and ringside doctor allowing the match to keep going. Tonight, things will likely be safer, but more chaotic. It’s time for this feud to end, and what better place than The Hardy Compound, for ELITE DELETION!

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara would hit the Hardy Compound, and Matt was concerned this wouldn’t be an even fight. He had backup on call, and I’m sure Guevara does as well. He’d be greeted by Neo-1, who projected an image of Broken Matt Hardy, before disabling his gold cart. Matt Hardy had a monster truck, and ran over the cart, but Guevara slipped out of the way before he died.

He’d sneak behind Hardy and hit him with a trash can, before hitting a moonsault off the wheel of the truck. Guevara would brawl with Hardy through the woods, and be hit with a suplex on the ground. Hardy grinded his face into a pine tree, and threw him into another. They’d reach Hardys front lawn, and Guevara hit some kicks before bragging this will be his house soon.

A suplex on the lawn got a two count, and they’d brawl over to a fountain. Guevara tried to drown Hardy, but he found a stick and beat Guevara with it to free himself. Hardy had a ring set up, and they finally found it, as he threw Guevara into it.

Still Fanging & Banging

Being in the ring suited Guevara, but he’d springboard into a side effect for a two count. Hardy grabbed a table and shoved it into the ring. It would be set up, and Guevara powerbombed through it. Ortiz from The Inner Circle would save him, and Santana was here as well. Hardy called in his backup, that being Private Party. They’d save Hardy from the three on one attack, just as Guevara went for the dive off the top rope. The Private Party would cancel out Santana & Ortiz, as Hardy grabbed fireworks from under the ring, but took a spear from Guevara.

Hardy got the firework lit, and took aim at the ring, trying to get Guevara but everyone ducked for cover. Guevara grabbed a firework of his own, and this was resembling trench warfare, not wrestling. The Private Party took out Santana & Ortiz, but Hardy & Guevara vanished into the woods with their fireworks. Guevara slipped into the mud and got hit with some fireworks. Hardy hit the Twist Of Fate, and was thrown into the Lake Of Reincarnation.

Gangrel would show up and warn Hardy to not do this, wanting to throw Hurricane Helms into the lake. The Private Party fought him off, Helms saved after two years of bondage. Long term storytelling? Guevara took out Helms and threw him into the lake, and tried to get Hardy next. Helms popped out as a reporter, and was sent in again.

Matt Hardy Takes Us To The Dome Of Deletion

Now Gangrel was in the ring with everyone else, and Hurricane joined them. Gangrel hit The Impaler, and Santana beat Hardy with a bat, before he’d flee back to the woods. Guevara had a sledgehammer, and was going hunting. Hardy took refuge in The Dome of Deletion, and everyone else was stuck outside. There was a ring in here too, also a piano and a casket.

Guevara took a turnbuckle hook off the ring, and hit Hardy with it. He was tearing this ring apart, and trying to choke Hardy out with the turnbuckle cables. Hardy would be nearly unconscious, and set up on a table with a ladder nearby. Guevara climbed up to the roof, and hit a Swanton Bomb off the top, crashing through Hardy, who kicked out at two.

Hardy got a desperate Twist Of Fate, both men struggling to their feet afterward. He’d spear Guevara through two tables, Guevara hitting his head on concrete, shades of their last match. Hardy grabbed a chair, and hit Guevara in the eye. He was getting revenge for everything Guevara did to him, and shot to the head would end this. Guevara was put in a trash can, driven away, and this was done.

Is this the end of the feud? Is there anywhere else for them to go? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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