AEW Full Gear Results: MJF vs. Chris Jericho

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In perhaps the biggest match in MJF’s career, tonight he faces a living legend in Chris Jericho. This match on it’s own would be huge, two of the biggest egos in wrestling colliding, but there’s something extra on the line. If MJF wins, he gets to join The Inner Circle, and also prove to Jericho that he’s not some soft child. We know how dangerous MJF is after his match with Jon Moxley, but would he go this far tonight?

Chris Jericho Turns The Clock Back

After some pre-match taunting to see if MJF can be cheered, MJF would offer a handshake. Instead, a slap to the face from Jericho who got the brawling started before hitting a running forearm and a back suplex. MJF tried to come back with some strikes, only to take a heavy chop. He’d run down Jericho, but took time to taunt and MJF had to regain control. MJF would tease a dive to the outside after clotheslining Jericho over the top, again not pressing his advantage.

Jericho would take advantage, but he’d look for the Judas Effect on the outside and got the post. Now, MJF would press his advantage and throw Jericho into the post twice. This sets up Salt of The Earth perfectly, he just has to stick to the limb. MJF would be sent flying with a back body drop, and clotheslined over the top rope. Jericho went for a springboard clothesline, MJF catching him and draping it over the top rope.

MJF would go after the arm and bite the fingers, but Jericho got up and tried for the running bulldog, but MJF countered and ran Jericho into the corner. He’d slow the pace down, but Jericho got a sneaky eye poke and took control again. Some shoulder tackles would lead to Jericho being sent over the top, Jericho showing uncanny agility and getting the double sledge off the top and a Lionsault! MJF was set up in the corner, and hit the top rope Frankensteiner, but this only got a two count.

MJF Lies, Cheats And Steals

MJF was able to regain control of the match by going after the arm again, but he’d get crotched on the top rope. A superplex would be set up this time, but MJF fought Jericho off and sent him hard to the mat. Jericho used the ropes to help himself up, and MJF stomped the arm. MJF would wrench the arm, and throw Jericho to the mat. Some slaps to the face and trash talk would fire up Jericho, and they’d exchange punches in the middle of the ring, before Jericho dropped MJF with a chop.

MJF would block a chop and tried for the Salt of The Earth. Jericho would prevent some pressure, and get the Walls Of Jericho instead. MJF crawled to the ropes, and broke the hold, but damage was done. Some stomps to a downed MJF would follow, and MJF would use Aubrey Edwards to get Jericho outside, wrench the arm again, hit a Codebreaker and the Heatseeker Piledriver.

MJF wanted the Lionsault next, but missed and Jericho hit the Codebreaker, getting a near fall. Jericho went for Judas Effect, but MJF caught him with Salt Of The Earth. He’d have to crawl to the ropes, and barely get fingertips on it. Wardlow would bring the Dynamite Diamond Ring in, Jericho stopped him, and Jake Hager threw him the bat. MJF feinted that he got hit, Edwards distracted Jericho and he’d be rolled up. MJF outsmarted Jericho, and he’s now in Inner Circle. Jericho let him in gladly, honouring the match result.

Will MJF & Wardlow try to kick Jericho out of the Inner Circle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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