AEW Star Kenny Omega Has Been Working Through An Injury

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Kenny Omega has gotten back to his old game of simply being one of the best wrestlers in the world. He’s been having a fantastic year in the tag team division alongside Hangman Page, before they split off after losing the AEW Tag Team Championships to FTR.

Omega would go on to have some incredible matches with Pentagon Jr. and Hangman Page, and is set for a classic match with Jon Moxley on the December 2nd of AEW Dynamite. However, he’s been working through an injury, a torn labrum and resisting surgery.

This was likely why he spent so much time in a tag team with Hangman Page, to give his shoulder some extra time to rest. We now know how Omega has been handling this injury.

Kenny Omega Revealed His Injury On Wrestling Observer Radio

While speaking on the Wrestling Observers daily live podcast with Dave Meltzer, he’d reveal this injury.

“So, you know, a torn labrum, as you know, is no laughing matter. That’s surgery, but I have a very talented and unbelievable trainer, and you know our doctors, of course, are always monitoring and making sure we’re doing okay, but our trainer Bryce Ready is just the next level kind of guy. He has kept me together and in a condition where I’m able to perform. As long as I make that I see him two or three times a week. I can lift, I have full range of motion, I just need to make sure that I can look after it, and I can avoid having that surgery. Can’t afford having that time off. If things get worse that’s an option I’ll have to consider.”

A labrum tear involves a tear to the ring cartilage around the shoulder socket. If this injury gets worse, it will do some serious damage to the second year plans of AEW, which was set to be very Kenny Omega focused. This comes from Nick Jackson telling ScreenCrush that “year two’s going to be all about Kenny Omega.”

Do you think this injury could make AEW wary of putting the AEW World Championship on Kenny Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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