AEW Star Sonny Kiss Graduates College, Can Focus On AEW Full TimeAEW Star Sonny Kiss Graduates College, Can Focus On AEW Full Time

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While Sonny Kiss has managed to become one of the more popular names in the AEW undercard, there was always something preventing a more sustained push. This was the fact that his time was split between hitting the ring and hitting the books. Kiss has been doing double duty as a student and wrestler, but that changes now.

Sonny Kiss is now a college graduate. This announcement was followed with an absolute flood of love and support from friends, fans and everyone in the AEW locker room. As noted in an interview from Kiss back around the summer, Kiss has been studying fitness training, fitness science, and kinesiology. Now that Kiss is able to 100% focus on professional wrestling, his backup plan set in place, will we see him become an even bigger name in AEW? Could a full-time Sonny Kiss be a future champion?

Sonny Kiss Has Been Getting More And More Spotlight As Time Goes On

While Kiss has been around in AEW since the start, throughout 2020 we really got to see him start to blossom. From his big chance at the TNT Championship against Cody Rhodes, to forming a fun tag team with Joey Janela, and even getting into the World Championship Eliminator tournament, Kiss had a big year. All this while only being 26 years old, quietly putting him on the same level as other young stars like Darby Allin & Jungle Boy.

It’s been clear from the start that the unique look and charisma of Sonny Kiss would take him far in AEW. Being taken under the wing of a legend like Dustin Rhodes backstage certainly isn’t hurting either. If Kiss can accomplish all this in 2020 while being split between school and wrestling, and with a global pandemic in the way? Who knows what the limit on Kiss is, especially as he gets better with each match.

AEW has done a great job honouring the past of wrestling while pushing forward into the future, and someone like Kiss is a great example of this. His genderfluid nature and being openly gay is something that is becoming more and more accepted, and just being on a major network wrestling program is huge. Twenty years ago, someone like Kiss might have not gotten the chances that he deserved. But nowadays, he very well could be on his way to winning gold in AEW.

Do you think Sonny Kiss will win one of the championships AEW has in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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