Big Changes Coming To AEW From Tony Khan Himself 

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Before last week’s AEW episode, Tony Khan tweeted:

“The balance of power in wrestling will shift tonight.”

This seems to be PAC returning to AEW. Fans weren’t that happy with this as a lot of fans were electing something bigger. Then he went on to Tweet:

“The shift in wrestling’s balance of power has begun.”

Suggesting that new events were coming to AEW. Then later on he suggested it a bit more detail by saying on Twitter this:

“Thank you everyone who watched #AEWDynamite last night! A shift in wrestling’s balance of power has begun & the winners will be the wrestling fans. PAC’s returned after 8 months & I have aces up the sleeve in the weeks ahead. You won’t get them all at once but you’ll get them all.”

Suggesting that over the coming months we will get some big surprises coming to AEW. 

What could Tony Khan have up his sleeve? 

There are always rumours around who will go to AEW next. This new Tweet by Tony Khan could show that more members are joining the roster. There are a couple of WWE releases we haven’t seen since their release this being Erick Rowan; the tag team partner of Broide Lee in WWE and Renee Young; the present of WWE and wife of Jon Moxley. There is also Sting that is rumoured to come to AEW and maybe join up with Darby Allin. It could have something to do with PAC with him bringing back the Death Triangle. He was getting a massive push before he got stuck in the UK due to pandemic. 

Is Tony Khan taking a more front seat role in AEW? 

It feels like Tony Khan could be stepping in more of a front of company role. With him taking control of more content in the show. There is no saying that he wasn’t at the start but maybe as he learns more from actually owning the business, he is getting more and more involved. If he is involved heavily in segments though he is doing some great work. With some amazing matches and segments coming out of the company. He did also admit that there have been some mistakes with the women’s roster meaning that we could see some improvement with that soon hopefully. It looks like we could be in for some treats over the next couple of months in AEW.

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