First Month Fire: UWF Fury Hour #2

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We’re looking at more UWF Fury Hour with episode two! The main event in this episode is Billy Jack Haynes vs. Col. DeBeers. Let’s see if this show got better as the first four episodes went on. 


Oof…I shouldn’t have made that last statement. This episode had a lot of mediocre squashes. Honestly, squash matches are a funny thing.  

They’re usually brief but sometimes they can feel like they went on longer than expected. Those kinds of squashes can either be a clean one which is neither good nor bad, fun squashes that are just destructive and sometimes funny. 

Then you have the third kind of squash match where it’s just long, boring, and overruns the time it should receive.  

Most of the longer squashes here hovered between clean ones and bad ones. The clean squash matches were Cactus vs. Davey Meltzer, Spivey crushing another scrub, Orndorff crushing another scrub, and Sammartino steamrolling his scrub. 

The only squash that overstayed its welcome was the Steve Williams one. Dr. Death should’ve obliterated this guy Larry Ludden in under two minutes.  

Orndorff’s match was fine but it was a middle of the road squash. Mr. Wonderful didn’t deliver bad squash matches.

Brian Blair’s match was alright tas well. There’s something in Tim Patterson even in defeat. 


The main event was just above the low-tier majority of the show. There are two name guys in the match, so there is something there. 

I can’t say that there was anything to write home about in this match but it was pretty enjoyable. These were superstars you’d forget about if you didn’t watch 80s wrestling 

However, they delivered this match as if UWF Fury Hour had been on TV for years, had established storylines, and they were both established and relevant in the 90s. 

UWF Fury Hour #2 Verdict: Low-Tier (4/10) 

This episode fell short of the first by just a little. What it needed was more Cactus vs. David Sammartino, really…or better yet some tag team action.  

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