FTR May Be Done With AEW Already 

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FTR joined AEW back in May and with that, started the feud with the Young Bucks which was in development before AEW became a thing. When the Young Bucks were in ROH and NJPW while FTR were in WWE. Now that they have had the match at Full Gear. Even though FTR did comment on the build to the match at Full Gear wasn’t as good as they thought it could be in an exclusive interview with Wrestletalk.

There have been rumours of FTR leaving AEW and now there is more suggesting that they are leaving AEW. The rumour started with FTR apparently working at AEW on a match by match basis and not a full time contract. 

FTR teasing their leave of AEW 

Recently on Twitter, Dax from FTR tweeted: 

“Physically and emotionally drained. To everyone who’s been on this ride with us, thank you. Top Guys….out.”. 

With this tweet, it feels like FTR are out of AEW or are taking some time off. FTR have mentioned in the past that they have wanted to win tag belts around the world. This could possibly mean that FTR are leaving to do this. In this episode of Dynamite, the Young Bucks did mention a rematch with FTR but heavily suggested that it could be in the distant future and no time soon. 

What’s next for FTR? 

This gets us thinking about what’s next for FTR. As at the moment, if they want to travel the world and win belts. The next big company to win a belt would be NJPW. This could be the next step for FTR as they are currently gearing up for their big Tag Team event. Although the pandemic could restrict them from traveling for a while. There is also the 4 Horsemen story that was developing and hasn’t led to anything.

There is the fact that the 4 Horsemen hasn’t been teased in a while. If FTR does stay in AEW and it doesn’t lead to a 4 Horsemen type story. It would be very surprising. FTR and Cody Rhodes haven’t actually been in a match or segment together as of yet.  Either way, at the moment, we may not see FTR for a while. 

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