Impact Wresting Xplosion Recap (11/21)

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap!

It’s been a busy week with the holiday, and we hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving.

This episode looks like it’ll be a fun one with Ace Austin facing Cody Deaner and legendary ring announcer David Penzer sits down with Larry D from XXXL.

Without further ado, let’s get to the action.

Ace Austin vs. Cody Deaner

The match started with Asutin talking smack and complained about Cody’s beer being at ringside, so Cody took a final sip and the match got underway.

Cody reversed an armbar and too Austin to the mat and hit a couple of knees before Austin reversed it, but Cody hit with a shoulder block off the ropes.

Cody followed it with a hip toss and body slam, followed by a fist drop and a clothesline that sent Asutin over the top rope.

Back from the commercial, Austin gained the upper hand after rolling under Cody’s clothesline attempt and tripping Cody. Austin then hit wit a leg drop to Cody’s back.

Austin locked in a leg scissors, but Cody managed to roll ouot of the hold. Austin hit him with a couple of rights and hit with a kick off the ropes.

Austin pulled out his card and sliced the webbing of Cody’s hand, but Cody look pissed off as he ignored Austin’s strikes with a mini hulk up.

Cody grabbed his baseball hat and Austin grabbed the beer. As Cody watched, Austin spit in his beer, so Cody turned his hat around.

Cody hit some strikes and a scoop slam for a pin attempt.

Austin reversed a Deaner DDT into a school boy, but Cody kicked out.

Austin countered another Deaner DDT by driving Cody into the corner and hitting a few shoulders before he attempted a superplex.

Cody tried to fight him off, then stopped Austin from using his card again and knocked Austin off the ropes.

Austin rolled away from a flying headbutt, and then hit the Fold for the pin.

This was a pretty good match, but Cody can’t seem to buy a win lately.

Around the Ring with Larry D

Larry said he spent 15 years in his local bubble in Kentucky as traveling two hours used to be a lot for him, but now that he’s traveled so much it’s not a problem anymore.

When asked for advice, he said he tells people to get out a travel to expand their horizons and fan base.

When Penzer asked him about teaming with Acey Romero, and he said they had only tagged together one time prior.

He said they knew each other, but it took some time for them to come together but now they work really well together.

When asked about Wrestle House, Larry said it was one of those things he never imagined doing out of the ring, but he said it gave him an opportunity to let him show the world his different abilities.

He added that it was a great time and he’s not just a super heavyweight, but he can be a goof and have more fun than before.

When he was asked about dieting and how Romero had lost weight, he said it’s about making the best choice available food wise not just for himself but for his friends and family.

He said he’s got to set an example for those that watch him that it’s possible to reach our dreams if we make good choices and work hard.

When it comes to family time, he said he spent a Friday with his family a couple of weeks back and they went bowling.

He closed it out that he wouldn’t trade anything he has because it’s a great life and he loves it.

Impact Classic Match – Final Resolution 2007

This was a classic Iron Man Match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

It’s always great to see some of our old favorites with our new ones, giving Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap a cool bridge between the old and new.

With a 3-2 lead with two minutes left, Angle fought to survive Joe’s onslaught, including his own ankle lock Joe slapped on. Angle held on until time ran out to pull out the win.

The Rascalz’s last Impact match

This was the main event last week as Dez and Wentz faced off with Trey Miguel and Rich Swann is an awesome match that was a perfect sendoff for them

We wish them the best and hope their careers continue to climb.

Thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap. We had a fun time and look forward to next week’s episode. See you all then!

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