Impact Wrestling Preview (11/10) – Who Shot Bravo Continues, Karl Anderson vs. Josh Alexander

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Tonight’s the Go Home episode for Turning Point this Saturday (11/14) streaming on Impact Plus and Impact Wrestling Preview is stoked.

There are a few storylines that are going to progress tonight while some match slots are finalized, so let’s get started with the fun.

Who Shot Bravo?

Yes, this segment is kinda goofy and slapstick like Wrestle House was but that’s what makes this so much fun.

While it’s a “serious” matter storyline wise, the way they’re doing it is awesome fun and we can see they’re having lost of fun with it, too, and that only adds to it for us.

Tommy Dreamer will continue his Sherlock Holmes persona as he continues to search for the culprit(s) responsible for Bravo being shot at his wedding.

While there are plenty of suspects and we wouldn’t be surprised if they all had a hand in it in some way (calling it), it’s led to some interesting moments between the suspects.

Given Bravo’s Groomzilla attitude, it’s safe to say pretty much everyone involved in the wedding would want him dead.

Then there’s Hernandez who finally tracked down Fallah Bahh for his money and Bahh threw Bravo under the bus.

We doubt that Hernandez did it because it’s not his style, you never know. Maybe it involves someone that wasn’t pleased to have Father James Mitchell resurrected?

Who do you think it’ll be?

Karl Anderson vs. Josh Alexander

With The North set to defend the Impact Tag Team Championship at Turning Point against the Good Brothers, this match was bound to happen.

It’s a good way to help build for the pay-per-view as the second half of the tag teams face off, but it’ll also give us a chance to see an interesting final preview.

There’s little to now chance that Impact Wrestling Preview sees this go off without a brawl at some point, especially after how things went last week.

Page isn’t going to like that he lost and we expect him to do everything in his power to help Alexander get the W tonight.

That aside, this should be an awesome match as both competitors are great talents that really bring it to the ring.

Both men are better known for their tag team exploits, but each have an impressive singles career and accomplishments in the Indie scene, and we’re looking forward to what they’ll bring tonight.

Will Anderson win and continue building momentum for the Good Brothers, or will Alexander take it back to give the North an early advantage? Let us know below.

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