Impact Wrestling Results (11/17) – No Disqualification – Moose Defeated Willie Mack by Referee’s Decision; Suicide vs. Gio Ended in No Contest

Moose beat Mack unconscious again, forcing the referee to stop the match; Eric Young and Joe Doering entered the ring and destroyed Gio and Suicide

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

Looks like we’re going to have a fun show tonight, so let’s settle in and buckle up.

No Disqualification Match – Moose vs. Willie Mack

Nothing like starting off the night with a rematch from Turning Point, and this one should be a good one.

Mack took Moose down and hammered on him, then hit with a dropkick an dfollowed it with a riunning boot in the corner.

Mack then hit a cannonball and Moose slipped out to the floor.

Mack followed him and threw him into one ring post, then another. Mack then chopped Moose against the railing, but Moose countered a charge by throwing Mack over the railing.

Moose pulled Mack up and threw him back over the railing, and then into the railing.

Moose called out Rich Swann, then threw Mack into the railing on the other side of the ring.

Moose demanded the camera be on him and he told Swann this is what pain looks like.

Moose threw Mack into the ring and ripped at Mack’s face before locking in a sleeper hold.

Mack fought out of the hold with a few elbows, and they hit a spinning punch, then held onto the ropes so Moose missed a dropkick.

Moose hit his next dropkick and then stomped Mack, limb by limb. Moose then stood on Mack’s head.

He turned Mack to face the camera and demanded he tell the fans that Moose is a wrestling god. Mack refused and Moose nailed him, then threw him across the ring into the turnbuckle.

Moose missed a shoulder into the corner as Mack rolled away on two consecutive attempts.

They exchanged blows in the middle of the ring as Mack put a string of stireks together and hit a couple of running clothesline.

Mack’s third attempt ended with a big boot, and Mack caught Moose with a Samoan Drop of the ropes.

Mack hit a standing moonsault for a near pinfall.

Moose and Mack each fought out of a Rock Bottom, and Moose blocked a stunner attempt but was caught in a slam by Mack.

Mack climbed to the top rope but missed the 6 star frog splash when Moose rolled out of the way.

Mack hit a stunner, but Moose remained on his feet and hit a spear.

Instead of covering Mack, Moose hammered on him, forcing the referee to stop the match again.

The referee pushed him off Mack, but Moose went back after him again before the referee got him to stop and accept the win.

Moose is on a rampage, and Impact Wrestling Results are looking forward to seeing where it takes him.

Razcalz evicted

At the Rascalz Treehouse, Trey said he misses heat and he hates to be evicted.

Trey shared a memory when Wentz had a date with Gail Kim and left him and Dez hanging.

Wentz didn’t remember it, but Dez said he did remember when Moose came there and choked the stuffing out of Trey.

Trey denied it, as well as he cried in the car.

The lights suddenly went out and they called out they were still in there.

The Deaners give up Johnny Swinger

Impact Wrestling Results returned as the Deaners entered Tommy Dreamer’s office where he informed them he’s narrowing down the suspects, but won’t say more since Cody was one of them.

Cody said Swinger should be considered and Dreamer should check his fanny pack.

Cody then booped Dreamer’s nose.

Suicide vs. Gio

This started fast as they locked up and they traded rear waist locks before Suicide hit an arm drag on Gio off the ropes, and Joe Doering came in with Eric Young, and Doering took out both competitors.

Young threw Suicide to Doering and Doering hit a sit down powerbomb.

Young grabbed the mix and said he knows what was done and he knows the truth and this will be the reason we can’t sleep at night.

He reiterated how he told us all that this world doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to him and Doering.

Well, this was a quick match.

Su Yung has plans

Gia was backstage with Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee, and Deonna said it’s amazing to be a 2 time Knockout Champion.

She said her career is endless, and Kimber said it was so great to see what she did to Su Yung.

Kimber and Deonna made plans to enter the Knockout Tag Team Championship Knockout, but Su Yung left a message on the mirror behind them about getting theirs next week.

Guess Su Yung has other plans for them, and Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see what it is.

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