Impact Wrestling Results (11/24) – Impact World Championship – Rich Swann (c) Defeated Ken Shamrock (w/Sami Callihan) by Pinfall

Swann rolled Shamrock up for the win

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This should be a good one; Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for this match all day.

The match started with Swann working to avoid Shamrock as he kept rolling away when Shamrock got close.

Swann hit the ropes, but Callihan grabbed Swann’s leg and Shamrock nailed Swann.

The referee ejected Callihan from ringside, and Swann hit a pair of dropkicks, and then a basement dropkick on Shamrock’s knee.

Shamrock caught him off the turnbuckle and then he slammed Swann’s head and shoulder into eh turnbuckle before dropping him to the mat and hitting a handful of kicks.

Shamrock grabbed Swann’s right leg and locked in a cutter on the calf, preparing for the ankle lock.

Shamrock dared Swann to hit him, then sidestepped it and casually stalked Swann around the ring.

Swann tried to fight back, and Shamrock hit with a knee and then a couple of kicks to Swann’s back.

Swann hit a couple of strike’s to Shamrock’s midsection, and Shamrock hit him with a knee, then slapped on a wrist lock and another kick to Swann’s chest.

Shamrock locked in a front face lock and hit a series of knees before her drove Swann to the mat, then Shamrock hit a knee to the back of Swann’s head as we headed to commercial.

Swann finds a way

We returned as Swann worked to free himself from a wrist lock and fought his way out of it with a series of rights and a clothesline.

Swann hit another clothesline, but Shamrock never went down, and Shamrock caught Swann with a kick when Swann tried a third clothesline.

Shamrock continued to circle Swann his hit kicks.

Swann ducked a right and nailed Shamrock with a a couple fo spinning kicked that finally dropped Shamrock.

Swann hit a rolling thunder for a near pinfall.

Swann hit kick to the midsection then attempted a sunset flip for a near pinfall.

Swann hit another kick and headed to the top rope where he hit a frog splash for another near pinfall, and Shamrock tried to lock in an armbar but Swann was under the ropes and broke the hold.

Swann continued with the kicks, but Shamrock caught his third on and slapped on an ankle lock. Swann rolled out of it, and Shamrock locked in a sleeper hold.

Swann rolled him over for a pin, and Shamrock knocked out the referee for counting him down.

Callihan came in and gave Swann a thumbs down before he hit a package piledriver and then grabbed a baseball bat from under the ring while Shamrock held Swann down.

Callihan taunted Swann, and Edwards came out to save Swann and he fought off Callihan and Shamrock until Callihan his him with the baseball bat.

Callihan tapped Edward to the top rope in the corner and Callihan hit him in the eye with the bat and busted Edwards open.

Officials came out as well as D’Lo Brown. Brown confronted them and Shamrock knocked him out with a right hand.

Shamrock kept beating on Brown while Callihan kept abusing Edwards until they backed off.

This was a pretty decent match for the old school fans though the ending felt kinda fast and awkward, but it worked.

The beat down has become a regular thing lately, and we’re hot and cold with it, but overall, we loved the show.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results.

We had a blast and can’t wait to see you all next time.

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