Impact Wrestling Results (11/24) – Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo) Defeared  Killer Kelly (w/Renee Michell) by Pinfall, Susie and Su Yung Attack

Lee hit a swanton for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results were backstage as Sami Callihan psyched Ken Shamrock up, saying he promised to make him the Shamrock of old when the spotted Moose.

Moose told Callihan he noticed he’s getting his animal ready for the second most important title match.

He added he intended to put the hurt on Rich Swann, but they beat him to it. He said he has a lot fo respect for Shamrock and if he’s successful, he shouldn’t forget what happened the last time they faced off.

Shamrock wanted Moose right there, but Callihan separated them and told Moose to get out of there.

Alisha Edwards works Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K chatted about what style of glasses to wear with Alisha Edwards approached them and asked what they’re going to do about them as a team.

She said they need to tag again, and Tenille said it didn’t work out with her previous opponents so Alisha should take the hint.

Alisha refused to give up and convinced Tenille to give them another shot.

Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo) vs.  Killer Kelly (w/Renee Michell)

The match started fast and Lee ducked a clothesline and hammered on Kelly, then threw her across the ring.

Lee continued to hammer and kick at Kelly ad then ground her face into the ring ropes.

Lee hit a snapmare, and then a arm stretch in an interesting move that Kell broke by rolling back for a pin attempt.

Lee kept after Kelly, but Kelly caught both Lee’s arms and hit with a headbutt and a double underhook suplex, then a cartwheel double knee drop.

Kelly hit a basement dropkick for a near pinfall.

Lee fought off of Kelly’s shoulders, and hit a tilt the whirled shoulder breaker and climbed ot the top rope where she hit a swanton for the win.

That was a fun but fast match.

Double trouble

After the match, Susie’s music played while Lee and Purrazzo were in the ring, and Susie slowly came out.

Susie said hi, then said how they hurt her friend and that’s bad. Now her friend’s there and it’s going to be really bad. She apologized for that, and Su Yung’s music started.

Lee and Purrazzo jumped Su as she entered the ring, but Su fought them both off and kicked Lee out fo the ring.

Su hammered on Purrazzo and pulled out the bloodied glove as Susie remained on the stage.

Lee pulled Purrazo out of the ring and cowered by the ramp as they sought another way out without passing Susie.

This was a great bit of seamless editing as Susie and Su Yung were together.

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