Impact Wrestling Results (11/24) – Wrestler’s Court – The Shooter is Found, the Verdict is in; Eric Young and Joe Doering Attack

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Impact Wrestling Results returned to find Madison Rayne frustrated with Swinger as she admitted she had no further questions for him, and Dreamer asked him if he really thought he’d get away with it.

Swinger said he’s got all these deals and it the OJ Simpson of professional wrestling.

Swinger admitted he hasn’t read a newspaper since 1991 and asked if he missed something?

He pointed out Dreamer’s known him for years and that he’d never shoot anyone and pointed out it must’ve been one of the other “stooges.”

Dreamer called Father James Mitchell, who said he’s a whore mongerer among other hobbies.

Dreamer asked him what significance is virginal blood, and he added it’s highly prized for his properties by some people.

Dreamer asked who he suspected, and Rosemary was on the stand.

Dreamer asked him how long she’d known Bravo, and she said it feels like an eternally.

She dodged having feelings of being attracted to Bravo, and when Dreamer asked if she ever loved Bravo, she admitted she never loved Bravo.

She said of course she didn’t love him and asked if Dreamer thinks he’s worthy of her. But as soon as she caught scent of his virgin blood it’d make her the most powerful deamon in this realm.

Bravo arrived and ripped into her about being the worst thing that ever happened to her and she said he’s not worthy to clean Valkyrie’s boots.

D’Lo Brown said it’s clear who shot Bravo, and Bravo said it wasn’t her.

Bravo said he couldn’t see him, but he could smell him.

The shooter is found

Dreamer had Larry D hooked up to a lie detector and asked if he shot John E. Bravo and no deception was detected.

Dreamer then asked it again and sprayed him with Larry’s horrible cologne to bring out Lawrence D who admitted he did.

He said he did it because Bravo stole the woman of his dreams and he had no choice.

Brown ruled that Swinger wasn’t guilty.

Swinger pulled off his neck brace and everyone filed out.

Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari

Daivari attacked right away with several rights and chops, but Bahh went right back after him and hit a crossbody off the ropes.

Eric Young and Joe Doering came out. Bahh tried to fight them off, but Doering took him out and Young hit a piledriver on Daivari

Young then said his purpose is clear and his vision is clear. He’ll open eyes to the truth. The world is sick and they’re the cure.

Rhino came out and knocked Young aside and went after Doering, but they eventually got the better of him and stomped him down.

Young grabbed the mic and said he warned the world that it belongs to him and Doering.

Clown patrol

Backstage, Swoggle told Steve he looks ridiculous in the Suicide outfit and TJP came up and thanked Steve for what he did.

Brian Myers came in and told them this is not the Impact he signed up for.

He mocked both Steve and Swoggle and called out TJP for manipulating them and calling them all clowns, especially TJP except he doesn’t wear makeup.

After Myers left, TJP asked if he said he needs makeup and the three continued chatting without a care.

Solving a Su problem

James Mitchell was leaving when Purrazzo and Lee approached him about their Su problem.

Lee asked if there’s anyway he can turn Su into a Susie problem, and he said he’s just the man to do it for a price.

Purrazzo asked what price, and he said don’t worry about that for now. He told them that all they need to know is if they need his help he’ll be there for them.

Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see if Purrazzo and Lee will pay Mitchell’s price or continue to face Su Yung on their own.

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