Impact Wrestling Results (11/24) – Wrestler’s Court’s Opening Arguments; Defeat Rohit Challenge – Suicide Defeated Rohit Raju by Pinfall

Suicide (Crazzy Steve) hit a sunset flip for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results loved how Wrestler’s Court started with similar music to the People’s Court and Bravo is defended by Madison Rayne. Oh, this is going to be fun.

Swinger is wearing a neck brace for sympathy, too.

From the Nation of Litigation is D’Lo Brown as the prosecuting attorney.

Cousin Jake served as bailiff as he introduced Tommy Dreamer as the judge.

Dreamer added a comedic moment getting into his seat, and Rayne called objection since Dreamer conducted the investigate and he sustained it and switched places with D’Lo Brown.

Dreamer started it off by saying it’s an open and shut case as Swinger had the motive, opportunity, and the smoking gun in his fanny pack.

Rayne pointed out it was a meticulous and ingenious plan pulled off by a criminal mastermind, and the term mastermind should eliminate Swinger, who told her to leave her shovel at home.

Fallah Bahh was the first witness.

Dreamer asked Bahh is he had any reason for Swinger to shoot Bravo, and Bahh said Swinger was bitter that he was chosen to be Bravo’s best man.

Cody Deaner was next, and he said he remembered a gun shot most of all about the wedding, and then that he found a gun in Swinger’s fannypack at Turning Point.

Acey Romero said he’s not a fingerprint expert but tried to do a finger print analysis n the weapon and said Swinger, Cody Deaner, Cousin Jake, Brian Pillman, Ron Simmons, and basically everyone else in the room or who wrestled were also on the gun.

Swinger tried to bribe Brown with a six pack of beer, and Brown told him to sit down.

Defeat Rohit Challenge – Rohit Raju vs. Suicide

Rohit Raju wasted no time in insulting the fans as being the opposite of him, who is a winner and catches his dreams and that he’s the greatest X-Division Champion ever.

He accused fans of only talking and hiding behind our keyboards because we’re losers.

He really got into it was it was a really good promo as he announced it was time for the Defeat Rohit Challenge.

Suicide answered the call and set his sights on Rohit.

Rohit tried to deny Suicide, saying he’s not slick and claimed he doesn’t deserve a shot at the title, and named it a non-title match.

Suicide agreed, since he figured it’s TJP probably.

Rohit started with a quick series of kicks and stikes before Suicide hit a couple of arm drags and a dropkick.

Rohit caught Suicide with a right when he leapt to the top rope and sent Suicide to the floor as we headed to commercial

Rohit’s obsessed

Back from commercial, Rohit was trying to take the mask off Suicide, and then kicked him a couple of times and hit a suplex for a pin attempt.

Rohit hit an elbow for another pin attempt, but Suicide kicked out.

Suicide hit a couple of elbows, but Rohit hammered him down and hit a bodyslam.

Rohit went back to trying to remove the mask and Suicide fought back again but was stopped by a knee to the midsection.

Rohit hit a side leg sweep for a near pinfall, and went back to the mask.

Suicide reversed a swing into a tarantula hold that Rohit broke with a back suplex.

Rohit hit a neckbreaker, and Suicide hit a leg sweep for a pin attempt.

Rohit hit a front slam and finally pulled Suicide’s mask off, but while Rohit celebrated, TJP’s music played and he came onto the stage.

Suicide hit s crucifix into a sunset flip for the win, and it was revealed that it was Crazzy Steve under the mask.

Looks like they set Rohit up and Impact Wrestling Results love it.

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