Is Ethan Page Leaving Impact Wrestling?

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While some in the professional wrestling industry stay tight lipped about their contract status, Impact Wrestling’s Ethan Page is not one of them. At the end of the year, he will become a free agent, with his Impact Wrestling contract coming to a close. They’re about to enter their final tapings for the year, will it be the last set of matches for one half of The North?

Josh Alexander Would Be Staying Behind

While Page is yet to sign a new deal with Impact Wrestling, Josh Alexander is sticking around. The Walking Weapon will not be following Page to keep The North going elsewhere in the industry, knowing his potential in the company is still untapped. He has proven himself as a fantastic tag team wrestler, but don’t forget he’s just as dangerous in singles. Alexander could easily become Impact World Champion in 2021, once he focuses on this.

Fans still hope to see a couple of dream matches such as The North vs. FTR, but that might very well just not happen. AEW & Impact Wrestling are working on a partnership, and that could keep The North alive in spirit.

If Ethan Page Doesn’t Renew With Impact Wrestling, Fans Expect Him In AEW

Being a man who enjoys working the indies when able, it would be hard to imagine Ethan Page going to WWE where that will no longer be an option. He’s also someone who enjoys streaming on Twitch, which could also cloud his judgement in regards to WWE.

Add in that by all reports, he is good friends with EVP Cody Rhodes behind the scenes, and we could see him make his way to the land of AEW. Matt Cardona proved this isn’t an instant in with AEW, but Page is arguably better in most aspects than Cardona is.

Him sticking around in Impact Wrestling isn’t impossible however, and he has shown great passion in the past for the company, and being one of their biggest names. They will have to work to keep him if a bidding war begins, but don’t plan a funeral for The North just yet.

Do you hope to see Ethan Page stay in Impact Wrestling, or do you want him to go elsewhere? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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