Is Orange Cassidy Going To Host AEW Beach Break In January?

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Earlier this year in AEW, we had a special episode using the old WCW branding, Bash At The Beach. We had two nights of action, with half of it taking place on Chris Jericho’s cruise ship. Some major events took place, such as Kenny Omega & Hangman Page winning the AEW Tag Team Championships, and Jon Moxley becoming number one contender for the AEW World Championship. It was all around great, but we won’t be getting a second round. WWE has filed for several WCW trademarks including Bash At The Beach. However, the name will just change to Beach Break, which is also the name of Orange Cassidy’s finisher.

This was announced by Tony Khan in the post AEW Full Gear media call.

Is Orange Cassidy Going To Get To Host This Event?

While Beach Break might be a placeholder name, this would be a smart way to cash in on the insane popularity of Orange Cassidy. He’s become one of the biggest names in AEW, with that helping to move his match with John Silver off the Buy In to the main card of Full Gear. He’s had a big rivalry with Chris Jericho, great title matches with Cody & Mr. Brodie Lee, and remains a constant up whenever he is on TV.

However, it might be time to let him slip the shadows again, and let him rest. He’s been trying a lot lately, and that has taken its toll on The Freshly Squeezed one. Maybe, for one day in January, they let him take it easy, sit back, and watch some madness unfold in the ring. He’s got charisma for days, perfect for that of being a host to a show, and it’s got historic evidence.

Last Time He Got The Chance To Do This, The Results Were Interesting

While this didn’t happen in AEW, in GCW over Wrestlemania weekend in 2018, one of the best shows was titled “Orange Cassidy Is Doing Something Or Whatever Who Knows???”. This event featured unique matches like a Lumberjack Swamp Monster Elimination Match featuring Saraya Knight, Shotzi Blackheart, Allie Kat & Kris Statlander. A Best Seven Out Of Thirteen Falls Match with Chris Brookes and Logan Easton LaRoux was also there. What about a one minute time limit match with Trent? & Chuck Taylor? A classic match with Japanese legend Shinjiro Otani taking on Jonathan Gresham? What’s a Yuletide Death Match? Nick Gage & UltraMantis Black found out.

It was a chaotic night showcasing many great wrestlers and their creativity, all put together by Orange Cassidy. Obviously an AEW show would take a less comedic approach, but this show got critical and fan acclaim, with only the most rigid people like Jim Cornette hating it.

Do you think AEW Beach Break is going to see Orange Cassidy take control of AEW for one night, or is this all just coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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