Jimmy Hart: The Canadian Whisperer

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Jimmy Hart is a manager with a long career starting in Memphis during the 70s. His First Family faction was one of those early proper factions. 

You know, where it wasn’t just a collection of wrestlers under one manager—a stable—but an alliance with a specific goal. The goal, in this case, was harassing Jerry Lawler because of course. 

Once he got to WWE in 1985, it was primarily to manage Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Later that year, Hart would go down a path that would make him a versatile manager.  

Jimmy Hart: The Canadian Whisperer 

There are three things that “The Mouth of the South” was known for in WWE. First was his Nashville/Memphis music promoter drip. This guy had gaudy, flashy jackets that often featured his clients. 

The second thing is that he always found himself managing Canadian superstars. Starting in 1985, he took on the original Hart Foundation as his clients. 

Three years later, he was dropped by the Hart Foundation and took on the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers and rocked the hell out of that Pantone 293 Quebec blue jacket. Drip. 

He would also manage Dino Bravo, Earthquake, and The Mountie once Jacques Rougeau went solo. 

For those wondering about the third thing, Hart was known for championship-winning tag teams such as The Nasty Boys, The Hart Foundation, Money Inc, and The Natural Disasters. 

Mystery Solved 

In watching WWE Superstars and the 80s/90s PPVs I always wondered why Hart was the one to manage Canadian wrestlers. I’ve come to two theories. 

The first is that WWE just worked on stables back then. Bobby Heenan hated the term “stable” but WWE managers usually ended up with a mix of talent whose sole link to each other were either Fuji, Heenan, or Hart. 

This was The Four Horsemen with J.J Dillion or Karachi Vice with JR Foley. Hell, the same thing happened when Hart became the manager for the Dungeon of Doom in WCW. 

My other theory is that WWE just had a number of Canadian wrestlers who needed mouthpieces. Remember that in the 80s, WWE had pretty much taken over the Canadian market after clapping Stampede, Lutte Internationale, and Maple Leaf. 

So, WWE was in possession of the best talent Canada had to offer and many needed someone to handle the mic heavy lifting. Jimmy Hart was that man. 

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