MJF Claims He Gave Jon Moxley His Best AEW Match

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MJF will join The Inner Circle tonight after outsmarting and beating Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear. It wasn’t the best match from Full Gear, though he showed great chemistry with Chris Jericho. However, he is still not over his previous loss to Jon Moxley, or as MJF knows him; dictator Jon.

MJF Still Says Jon Moxley Cheated

While speaking with WrestlingInc. on their Daily Podcast, MJF would talk about the match with Moxley from All Out.

“I wish I could say I enjoyed it, but he cheated. He cheated, he used an illegal maneuver in order to beat me because that’s the only way ‘Dictator Jon’ could beat me. Let’s face the facts, I gave him the best match of his title reign. If you don’t believe me, just watch it back. It was bar none the best Jon Moxley match he’s ever had in All Elite Wrestling, and it’s all thanks to me. It’s unfortunate that he knew he was being bested by a better man, and he had to resort to such tactics as using such a disturbingly, debilitating maneuver that was outlawed in that match-up.”

For those who forget how Moxley vs. MJF ended, Wardlow would throw the Dynamite Diamond Ring into the ring, and distracted the referee. MJF missed the throw of the ring, and Moxley took the chance to hit the Paradigm Shift, a move that was banned in the match to win. Moxley out-cheated a cheater, but that’s still cheating at the end of the day.

Was It The Best Match Of Jon Moxley’s AEW Career?

While it’s hard to take MJF’s claims of cheating seriously due to his usual tactics, it is hard to take it seriously. However, when it comes down to if it was the best match in Jon Moxley’s run in AEW? That’s hard to dispute. Moxley has had some great matches with men like Kenny Omega, Eddie Kingston, Darby Allin, PAC and more.

However, outside of his matches with PAC, most of his big matches involved No DQ rules, being weapons filled brawls like the main event of both Full Gear shows. His match with MJF was a brawl, but was also his best wrestling match when it came down to it. While Moxley was a big part of it, you can attribute it being good between the ropes to MJF. Only his match with Mr. Brodie Lee stands next to it as a close second.

MJF has been having a sneaky good year in the ring, hidden by the fact that he doesn’t enter the ring often. Will 2021 be the year when MJF becomes AEW World Champion? Would he win a rematch with Jon Moxley? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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