More Details On The Upcoming AEW Game, From Bryan Williams Of Yukes

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From the moment AEW was announced, everyone was begging for them to enter the video game scene as well. Years of only having the WWE 2K games have made fans borderline desperate for a new player, and games like Fire Pro Wrestling only appealed to a small section of fans.

Many breathed a sigh of relief when the AEW Games YouTube channel was launched, and it was announced that a major console game was on it’s way, and with wrestling game veterans Yukes at the helm. Details were sparse at first, but an interview from Dre41gaming with lead game design supervisor of Yukes, Bryan Williams, has given us more to go on.

What We Learned About The AEW Game From This Interview

We already knew that this AEW Game was taking influence from the classic WWF No Mercy, with the lead developer of that game being involved in this project. However, in this interview we would hear that the game was pitched as a mix of No Mercy with WWE Here Comes The Pain sensiblities. These are two of the best games in the genre, and a solid base to work on.

Williams would go on to mention that Yukes is enjoying much more creative freedom than when they worked with THQ or 2K. He also confirmed that Yukes was working on a seperate unannounced wrestling game before talks with AEW started up. We don’t know if that project was scrapped or not, and only time will tell.

They’re Making A New Game Engine From Scratch

The final big tidbit of information is that the games engine is being built from the ground up. What this means is that development will likely take a fairly long time, and might mean their debut game will be far from perfect. New game engines are always a bit of a worry in development, as there will always be bugs that aren’t caught and weird interactions that are fixed as time goes on.

WWF No Mercy was far from the first game with the AKI engine, and we can’t expect that level of quality from this debut game. With this news being added, we can’t reasonably expect this game until Spring/Summer 2022, with future games having a faster turnaround time.

Does this news make you more or less excited about the upcoming AEW game? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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