NXT UK Results: Pretty Deadly & Sam Gradwell vs. Gallus

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Joe Coffey is back in NXT UK, and Gallus is now complete once again. He joins his brother Mark & Wolfgang for some six man tag team action, to show that Gallus is still a top faction in NXT UK. They have to face down Pretty Deadly & Sam Gradwell to do that, but can they match the chemistry of this Scottish Trio?

Gallus Boys On Top!

Sam Stoker would get things started with Mark Coffey, as they’d lock up, Coffey hitting a quick hip toss and Stoker having to take a breath. Wolfgang would be tagged in, and Stoker hit a dropkick to little effect. Lewis Howley would come in, only to get locked up by Wolfgang as well. If Pretty Deadly want a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, they’ll need to do better.

Wolfgang had Howley on the mat and would target the arm, but Howley would try to kip up and escape, only to be shut right down. Joe Coffey would tag in, and he’d follow the lead of Wolfgang and go after the arm. Howley simply couldn’t get free, getting an armdrag but Coffey maintaining wrist control.

He’d have to go to the corner and flip off the top rope to finally free himself, and tag in Sam Gradwell. At least that was the plan, instead he got hip tossed after coming off the ropes, but made it to the corner for the tag anyways.

Gradwell & Coffey would lock up, Coffey grabbing a hard headlock, Gradwell shoving him off and hitting a back elbow, before being sent to the outside with a shoulder tackle. Pretty Deadly swarmed the ring but they were sent flying by the rest of Gallus.

After regrouping on the outside, Gradwell would get back into the ring. It has been nearly two years since he’s been in the ring, and taking the fight to Joe Coffey would prove he still has it. He’d slap Coffey in the face, tag in Lewis Howley and he’d get right back in an armbar. Howley got isolated in the corner of Gallus, but he’d play evasive with Wolfgang and send him to the outside.

Pretty Deadly Show Their Skills

Stoker would get a cheap shot in on Wolfgang as he got back in the ring, but Pretty Deadly only got brief control. Wolfgang would blow through them, and Mark Coffey came in, but Sam Stoker would get a picture perfect armdrag. Howley got tagged back in, but would be taken down by tagged in his partner quick, who caught Coffey as Howley jumped over him, forcing him to the mat with a DDT.

Pretty Deadly had one half of the champions isolated, showing their skills finally. Gradwell would help in this isolation, throwing some big strikes and applying a tight headlock. Coffey took some uppercuts and a scoop slam, before Gradwell took a cheap shot at Wolfgang. He’d get too focused on Joe Coffey and Mark took him down.

Gradwell told Pretty Deadly where to go and how to get there when they asked for a tag, before being launched into the corner and Howley tagged himself in. Joe Coffey came in and ran through both of Pretty Deadly with ease. A belly to belly suplex and a butterfly swing suplex would have taken out Howley but Gradwell saved it.

Gradwell would be tagged in, and take Coffey down with a quick running STO. This only got a two count, but when he’d lift Coffey up to his shoulder, Coffey slipped out and kicked him in the back of the previously injured knee. One dose of the Black Coffey lariat later, and this one was through.

Were you impressed by Gallus in this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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