NXT UK Results: Trent Seven vs. Dave Mastiff [Heritage Cup Tournament]

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It’s time to determine the finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup. A-Kid has already punched his ticket, and both Trent Seven & Dave Mastiff have a chance to do the same. These are two old friends, Mastiff helping to train Seven, but tonight they’re opponents, and only one man can move forward.

Seven fought hard to get to this point, while Mastiff simply knocked Joseph Conners out cold. Can he do the same to one of the founding fathers of British Strong Style, in a British Rules match?

A Slow Start

The first round would begin, and Mastiff showed he’s got the power edge. They’d lock horns, and Seven tried to match the power, and was able to get the headlock. This would help to grind Mastiff down a bit, and let him make this a longer match.

The first round is always a time to feel your opponent out, but Mastiff grabbed a headlock and took Seven to the mat, and forced Seven to fight to his feet. No control was found in the first round, but Seven tried to finish strong by running into Seven, but they’d collide in the middle and cause a double down to end the round.

Trent Seven Takes The Lead

Second round started, and Mastiff would hit some knee strikes to the mid-section of Seven. A big back body drop got him a two count, and Mastiff had a target. Seven was thrown around the ring, but dodged a hip drop from Mastiff, got a rollup and picked up the first fall of the match.

Mastiff would regroup for the third round, knowing he needs to even this and fast. Seven has a mental edge, and tried to take a physical one, but a knee to the midsection dropped Seven easily. Mastiff followed up with a senton, getting a two count. He’d lift Seven up, but Seven fought out and hit some hard chops.

The Arn Anderson fake-out DDT dropped Mastiff, and Seven went to the top rope, only to be cut down and taken off with a superplex. Mastiff struggled to follow up, and only got a two count. Seven blocked a forearm and hit a Seven Star Lariat, only taking Mastiff to a knee. He’d try again, but be rocked by a forearm, a possible knockout, but was saved by the end of the round.

Dave Mastiff Has Wounded Prey

The referee would check on Seven in the intermission, and Seven made it to his corner, but was not 100%. He’d take a knee as the round started, and Mastiff picked him up, hit a running dropkick and powerbombed Seven. The cannonball senton put Seven down for a fall not even a minute into round five. They’re tied at 1-1.

Seven again chose to keep going, but things we’re looking grim. Final round started with Seven in the corner ready for another cannonball, but made the last second dodge. He’d struggle to the apron, and Mastiff would try to take him into the ring with a superplex.

There was some fight left in Seven, and he’d hit a sunset flip but Mastiff blocked the powerbomb. A chop to the knees let Seven set up and hit the Burning Hammer for the win.

It’s A-Kid vs. Trent Seven in the finals. Who will win the Heritage Cup? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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