OVW TV 1110 Recap (11/22) – “Champions And Controversies”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1110 Recap, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun one after the Legacy of Brutality managed to pull one over Al Snow last week.

Let’s get settled in and here we go.

Jessie Godderz (Shannon the Dude) defeated Star Rider by pinfall

Before the match, Godderz said that since there’s only one of him, he’ll offer 12 gifts from Godderz ( a new national agenda), starting with Star Rider.

Godderz started it with a step up kick when Star Rider offered to shake his hand, and he went on to dominate before winning with a snapmare takeover for the pin.

Shannon told the fans that though they don’t deserve a gift, this was for them. They then announced gift number two will be given on December 5.

Legacy of Brutality gets a wake up call

The LOB came out, interrupting Godderz and Shannon. This will be interesting.

Godderz wasted no time in pointing out his superiority compared to the tag team champions and left the ring.

Ashcraft verbally abused Godderz and Shannon as they headed to the back, he then turned his attention to the Tate Twins, demanding they bring out their tag team championships as instructed last week.

Of course, the Tate Twins came out but without the belts.

Ashcraft mentioned how the Tate Twins couldn’t make it last week due to two flat tires.

The twins called Ashcraft out for giving away his trickery and Al Snow came out.

Snow mocked Ashcraft for being psychic for knowing how many flat tires the Tate Twins had last week.

Snow reminded how the twins had a problem with their gear a couple of weeks back and how he was forced to make a ruling thanks to Ashcraft.

He pointed out how Ryan Howe also had a flat tire and Ashcraft knew about it, too.

Snow announced he can’t give the titles back to the Tate Twins, but he’ll hold the titles up for a OVW Tag Team Championship Match.

Cali Young on the case

Backstage, Cali Young asked Dillon McQueen and Luscious Lawrence were doing at AL Snow’s office.

McQueen said they were there to give Snow fashion advice. Lawrence then made a provocative joke about Cali going south of the border (he wore a Canada shirt) and she said she eats tacos all the time, but they make her gassy.

Tony Bizo came out of the office and said last week he was ruled to have lost by count out to Ashton Cove and that he doesn’t own his letterman jacket anymore.

He claimed he didn’t lose as being counted out isn’t a real loss.

 Tony Gunn deafeated Gustavo by pinfall

Gunn tossed his heavyweight belt to the referee and took down Gustavo before the bell rang.

Gustavo put up a brief fight, but Gunn got the pin after hitting the Kill Shot.

After the match, Gunn propped Gustavo against the ropes and hit with a second Kill Shot, then repeated it again.

Gunn demanded a microphone and called out Brian Pillman Jr. for issuing a challenge to him.

Jessie Godderz and Shannon the Dude came out, and Godderz said before Gunn makes his mind up, he said he agrees that Gunn is the best and ran off that all he does is win.

Shannon grabbed the mic and pointed out he remembered a DQ loss to Pillman and Godderz tried to smooth it over.

Gunn said he knows what Godderz is doing and he doesn’t have any plans to go after his National championship.

Godderz pointed out the fans and others think Gunn is a coward and the fans started call in him that, so to prove he’s not a coward, Gunn accepted Pillman’s challenge to a steel cage match at Christmas CHos on December 5.

Dillon McQueen fashion show

Dillon McQueen came out waving an American flag and said that despite Luscious Lawrence won Omar Amir’s medals fair and square, they have to give them back.

He promised that nothing returns the way it was, and Haley J. came out with the medals as earings to start the pageant show.

Luscious Lawrence came out hold the American flag upside down behind him with one of the medals as a necklace.

McQueen then told Amir he can have them, all he has to do is come out and get them.

Amir stomped Lawrence down and threw him out of the ring before he turned his attention to McQueen.

Lawrence pulled McQueen out of the rung from under the ropes and Amir chased them backstage.

Amir came back and collected his grandfather’s medals that were dropped during the scuffle.

OVW Tag Team Championship – Tate Twins (Brent and Brandan Tate) defeated the Legacy of Brutality (Ca$h Flow, Big Zo) (w/Josh Ashcraft) by pinfall

This should be a good one, and OVW TV 1110 Recap has been waiting for it.

Ca$h Flow and Big Zo jumped the twins as they came out of the back.

Once the match started, Brandon Tate was abused by Flow and Zo, but Brent tagged in and nailed both of them with dropkicks and a springboard elbow.

Big Zo and Flow regained control due to their size and strength, but the twins kept managing to get loose.

Steve Michaels shoved Brent off the top rope and Ryan Howe came out to take down Michaels.

After the commercial break, we were brought up to speed of the carnage that happened, including the referee being knocked out and Hy-Zaya take out one of the twins.

Dustin Jackson came out and fought Hy-Zaya to the back to join Howe and Michaels back there.

The twins took over with the rest of LOB in the back, and they hit a duo frog splash, but there was no referee.

Flow took out the twins and referee before grabbing a steel chair, but the twins double dropkicked the chair into Flow’s face for the win.

Congratulations to the new tag team champions.

This was a pretty decent match, but there looked like there was some miscommunication or chemistry issues.

What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining OVW TV 1110 Recap this week.

We enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you all next week.

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