OVW TV 1111 Recap (11/29) – “Thanksgiving Throwdown”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1111 Recap! This looks like it’s going to be a fun episode as we get a 10 man tag team elimination match as Team Pillman and Team Gunn face off.

Not to mention an 8 woman winner take all tag team elimination match with the winner earning a shot at Mazzerati for the OVW Women’s Championship at Christmas Chaos.

The show started with Bryan Kennison and the commentating crew welcoming us to join them as many can’t be with their families this holiday season.

After Steve Johnson promoted the women’s tag team match, Cali Young asked him if Mazzerati is a gun and if he has it on his fanny pack in reference to Impact Wrestling’s Who Shot John E. Bravo storyline.

It cut to Mazzerati cutting a promo about how whoever wins the elimination match will wish they never stepped into the ring with her.

She promised to send her challenger home with a loser trophy.

8 Women Tag Team Elimination Match – Team Navarro (Joseline Navarro, Shawna Reeves, Arie Alexander, Ella Defeated Team Fairfax (Harley Fairfax, Serena Deeb, Haley Shadows, Haley J w/Dillon McQueen when Navarro pinned Haley J, earning a number one contendership for herself

What’s really cool about this match is despite there being teams, each woman is competing for themselves as the one that scores the final pin or submission gets a title shot for the OVW Women’s Championship.

Expect the unexpected.

It didn’t take long for a brawl to break out in the middle of the ring, and Ella cleared the ring with a banshee cry. That’s definitely new and pretty cool.

Ella eliminated Selena Deeb with a double arm DDT for the pin.

Haley Shadows hit Ella with a kick to the head for the elimination pin.

Shawna Reeves came in, and after her first cutter attempt was blocked, she hit on her second try to eliminate Shadows.

Reeves hit Fairfaz with a cutter for another elimination, leaving Team Fairfax with just Haley J.

Dillon McQueen sprayed Reeves in the face with hairspray or something and Haley J hit with a superkick for the pin.

Navarro hit a sliding splash on Haley J to win it for her team, but Navarro gets the number one contendership since she scored the pin.

This was a pretty cool match, though the ended felt rushed and needed more contention between the two teammates for the pin.

Dustin Jackson Defeated Drew Hernandez by Pinfall

The Mayan Mauler came out fast against Jackson and nearly had an early pinfall win.

After Hernandez missed a moonsault, Jackson hit him with a high knee and a frog splash for the win.

10 Man Tag Team Elimination Match – Team Gunn (Tony Gunn, Dimes, Jay Bradley, Tony Bizo, uscious Lawrence w/Dillon McQueen and Haley J) Defeated (Team Pillman (Brian Pillman Jr., Omar Amir, AJ Daniels, Isiah Broner, Ashton Cove by Pinfall

This was selected a OVW’s Match of the Week, and OVW TV 1111 Recap are expecting a great one with this amount of talent in the ring.

Bradley started off against Daniels, then Broner entered and the two big men went at it.

Dimes continued to try to steal the spotlight from Bradley to hilarious exchanges.

Cove taunted Bizo while wearing Bizo’s jacket and walked into a cutter from Dime for the pin.

During the commercial break, it looks like Team Pillman lost Broner to a pinfall or submission.

Daniels his Dimes with a spinning heel kick for the pin.

Bradley came on and hit a Boom Stick on Daniels for the pinfall.

Pillman chopped Bradley down and hit a flying clothesline for the pin.

Pilman and Bizo exchanged blows in the middle of the ring before Pillman hit his M-1 Grand for the pin.

The action spilled to the outside as Amir chased McQueen after he pulled Amir out of the ring.

A food fight ensured along with a brawl before Reverend Ronnie tried to calm thing down and Bradley hit him with a pie after he finished his prayer and said amen.

It was fun to see the locker room come out to partake in the festivities while Gunn and Pillman remained in the ring to watch as Amir slammed Lawrence thought the catering table.

The referee disqualified Lawrence and Amir, leaving Gunn and Pillman.

Gunn hit the Kill Shot for the pin and win.

After the match, Gunn knocked Pillman out with the title belt.

This was a really fun episode with some great comedic moments to set up Christmas Chaos this Saturday. What did you think of it?

Let OVW TV 1111 Recap know in the comments below.

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