Ring Of Honor Results: Brody King vs. Shane Taylor

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A first time match of massive proportions, and one with ROH World title implications? That’s what comes in tonight’s main event match. Brody King is hot off a win over former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle, and wants to prove himself against RUSH next. First though, he needs to overcome Shane Taylor, arguably the best TV Champion in ROH history.

That reign was started by pinning Brody King in a Four Corner Survival match for the championship. That was their only meeting, until tonight, when they will meet one on one. It’s not a proper No. 1 contenders match, but with Final Battle so close? It might as well be.

Shane Taylor Gets Rocked

These two heavyweights would shake hands, before locking up. This got them nowhere, so they’d throw strikes instead. King was unloading on Taylor, only to be pulled away by the referee and come back with a big forearm. Taylor tumbled to the outside, and King showed uncanny agility, going over the top rope and into a rolling senton with ease.

Taylor was being beat around the ringside area, and while he tried to fight back, he’d just be thrown back into the barricades. King would look to get back in the ring, but Taylor used this to pull him down and hit a DDT to King off the apron, his first big move of the match. He’d show King that he can throw bombs as well, dropping King with the forearm and throwing him into the barricade.

Taylor lined King up, and hit a running knee to King, blowing the barricade away too. It’d be up to King to break the referees count, and he’d stumble into the ring at 19. Taylor would stomp him upon entry, and then nail King with a Pop Up Powerbomb. King would be choked on the ropes, hit with more strikes but finally came back with a big boot. This sent Taylor to the ropes, and he’d nail him with a cannonball, and get King a two count.

Brody King Fights Back

These heavyweights were tired, but Taylor ran into a Death Valley Driver, and was slammed right into the corner. Taylor got back up, was dodging the strikes of King and coming back with his own before nailing the lariat.

King came right back, catching him Taylor with a swinging side slam, followed by dropping him on his head with a piledriver. He’d want to follow with the Gonzo Bomb, but Taylor was too heavy. Taylor on the other hand, would nail King with the Package Piledriver for the two.

King came back once again with a German Suplex and a running lariat, Taylor kicking out at one. Another three lariats would take Taylor to his back, and finally King got the pinfall.

Should this win give Brody King a match for the ROH World Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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