Ring Of Honor Results: Dalton Castle vs. Brody King

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We have a new ROH Pure Champion, but don’t forget about ROH World Champion RUSH. Both Dalton Castle & Brody King haven’t forgotten this, with them facing off tonight with the intent of getting to the top of the list and being ready for RUSH when he gets back.

Castle is a former champion, but King wants to reach the top of the food chain for the first time. He’s done it in tag team action, but never in singles. They have never met in any capacity before tonight.

Brody King Wants To Break Castle

They’d shake hands, and we’d see just how much King looms over Castle. Despite this, Castle would try to take King down, and fail miserably. King would shut down another take down attempt, and throw his weight around before sending off some kicks to the gut. Castle was sent to the outside, but he’d trip King up and finally get some ground control.

If Castle could keep the match on the mat, he’d win every time. So when King broke free, he’d be hit with a knee strike and Castle was right back to grappling. King would get out again, and hit a back body drop on Castle with ease. Castle hit two running knees to try to stun King, but King would hit his ‘Shotgun Spray’ crossbody and wipe him out.

Some heavy forearms and chops in the corner would follow, and while Castle tried to fight free, there was no hope. He’d be scooped up, slammed and flattened with a senton for a near fall, as we cut to a commercial break.

Coming back from the break, King was still firmly in control, using his insane striking and some smart submissions. The chest of Castle was blistering already, yet still fought and looked for a German Suplex. He couldn’t get this, but did nail the DDT to get some space.

Dalton Castle Sticks To His Gameplan

This was his best opening in this match, and he’d fight to get a sleeper hold, but King broke it twice. Castle dodged a lariat and got his first big suplex of the match. Another running knee to a downed King, and this was a two count, but King was knocked silly.

King was down in the corner, but caught a charging Castle, but nothing came of it. Castle got a German Suplex, but when he tried for the Bangarang, King got a piledriver instead. This prompted a double down, and a slugfest when both got vertical again. Castle would be sent to the outside, and King followed.

King tried to throw Castle back into the ring, but Castle spun into a quick headscissors and sent King to the mats. Castle would then be ran into the ring and thrown over the barricade. There wasn’t much left in the former ROH World Champion, and one Gonzo Bomb could do it.

Instead, King went to the top rope, and hesitated. This let Castle counter him, trip him up and hit another running knee and a running reverse slingblade. King came right back with a swinging side slam, dropping Castle again. Castle would be hit with a German Suplex, a running lariat, and the Gonzo Bomb ended this one.

Will Brody King get a shot at RUSH in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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