Ring Of Honor Results: EC3 & The Briscoes vs. Shane Taylor, Jasper Kaun and Moses Maddox

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EC3 is now part of Ring Of Honor, and wants to fight the best wrestlers the world has to offer. When running down the best in the company today, he didn’t mention Shane Taylor in his debut promo. Once EC3 got backstage, he met Taylor face to face, and we’ve seen matches come from less.

It won’t be one on one, as EC3 has ROH legends Mark & Jay Briscoe at his back. Shane Taylor has Jasper Kaun and Moses Maddox backing him up, and it’s going to be a huge six man tag team match to start action tonight.

EC3 & The Briscoes Work Together

Action would start between EC3 and Kaun, with EC3 sending him fast first into that mat and back them into the corner. They’d lock up once again, and EC3 again showed his strength, sending him to the mat. Kaun would throw the first punch, only to be taken right down by EC3 for some ground and pound action, Kaun slipping away and fleeing to the outside.

Getting caught up in the wrong part of town, EC3 would get back in the ring only to be got by Kaun who took some control before eating a back elbow. Mark Briscoe would be tagged in, and he’d start some chain wrestling with Kaun in the middle of the ring. A late application for the Pure Wrestling tournament, before he’d throw some chops and elbows in the ring.

Kaun would get Mark into his corner, tag in Maddox and they’d work together to crush the 11 time tag team champion. We’d see some excellent tag team work between Kaun & Maddox, and Maddox would start throwing hard strikes. He’d miss a tag to Jay Briscoe, as we’d go to commercial break.

Don’t Sleep On Shane Taylor

Coming back from the break, Kaun is downed on the outside, EC3 and Briscoes in full control. Back in the ring, EC3 would drop Kaun with a wrist clutch lariat, before being run into the corner by Maddox. Mark Briscoe made the save on EC3, before getting into it with Shane Taylor, before being sent to the apron and hit with a big right hand and a rope hung cutter. Jay Briscoe was in next, but Taylor blocked a boot and rolled Briscoe into a knee strike to the jaw.

Kaun would take control of Jay Briscoe, with quick tags back to Maddox isolating one of the best in company history. Shane Taylor would come in, and Jay hit a big forearm and tagged in Mark. He’d drop Kaun & Maddox with a dropkick before sending Taylor to the outside. A brawl would brawl out, with Mark diving off the top rope and sending Taylor into the ring. Froggy-Bow would be attempted, but Taylor dodged and hit the powerslam driver for the win.

We didn’t get much of EC3 & Shane Taylor in this match, making it clear that is being saved for another show. This was a big win for Shane Taylor, who is showing he is still around and deserves respect. Will Shane Taylor reclaim his TV Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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