Seth Rollins Is Stepping Away From WWE After Survivor Series 

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Seth Rollins has been on one of his best runs apart from his prolonged feud with Ray Mysteryo. It has now been reported that he will be taking time off after Survivor Series. This isn’t due to anything bad though. Some may remember that his wife Becky Lynch is pregnant meaning that Seth Rollins is taking time away to spend time with his wife and new born child. Survivor Series takes place on the 22nd November and we have no information on when Seth Rollins will be returning after his time off. We also don’t know if Becky Lynch is going to return at all or she could actually be going into an acting role in the future after staring in Billions and The Marine 6: Close Quarters over the past couple of years

Should Seth Rollins change his gimmick when he returns?

Seth Rollins has had one of his best gimmicks as the Messiah; he has become more relevant in WWE once again. It does feel like it hasn’t been used to its full potential. There is still a lot of potential with that gimmick but if he does return. Maybe something new for the character could work a lot better. Some different feud maybe would give life to the Messiah in the future but a new gimmick wouldn’t hurt on his return. 

When could Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch return? 

It has been reported that Becky Lynch’s due date is December. This means realistically both stars could return early next year. If they will, is another question as have a child could really change their ideas of what they should do. Wrestling isn’t really a safe job so it could be that we might not see Seth Rollins or Becky Lynch return. Both of these wrestlers are the top of the WWE roster so them returning is more likely than a lot of other wrestlers.

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