Should Gangrel Stick Around In AEW?

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Last night we saw Matt Hardy finally get another cinematic classic in his backyard. Elite Deletion was an absolute mess of a match, but in the best way possible. We had fireworks, two separate rings, and Matt Hardy getting revenge on Sammy Guevara for past injuries, finally wrapping up their feud. However, there is something else from this match that people are chattering about. That was the return of Gangrel to a major promotion, as he made a cameo in the match, and even went to work on Private Party, hitting an Impaler DDT. Should he stick around in AEW?

Gangrel Could Still Offer As Much As Other Veterans In The Company

While AEW is fostering the future of wrestling with their roster, names like Lee Johnson, Red Velvet, Sammy Guevara, John Silver, MJF, Austin Gunn and more stand out, they have a strong veteran locker room as well. Men like MJF, Billy Gunn, Christopher Daniels and Chris Jericho are proving that age is just a number when you stay in good ring shape. Even Diamond Dallas Page had a solid showing in the ring over the past year, and Luther is trying his best every time he gets on AEW Dark.

Beyond this, they’re offering guidance to the younger talent, giving back to that next generation. This is a role where Gangrel could help a ton. He’s been everywhere, worked countless matches from the bright lights of Wrestlemania, to small rinks in Easten Canada. Whenever he steps into that ring, he turns back the clock and shows that even at 51, he’s as smooth a wrestler as ever before. He’s maintained his vampire gimmick for decades now, and remains a cult favorite wrestler. There’s a well of knowledge to pull from a man like Gangrel.

Even if he just has a few matches on AEW Dark, even making the team of Luther & Serpentico into a trio for a while, it would be nice for Gangrel to get some shine in 2020 outside of a brief cameo in Elite Deletion. Would you want to see Gangrel stick around in AEW, or would he simply be dead weight? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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