Should Seth Rollins Return To WWE As A Babyface?

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At Survivor Series, Seth Rollins was written off TV in an odd way. At the start of the RAW vs. Smackdown five vs. five mens match, Rollins would tag himself in, get down onto his knees and tell Sheamus to kick him. One Brogue Kick later, and Rollins was out. His team was pissed, but it doesn’t matter.

He was always ready to take time off, as his wife and fellow WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is getting close to the date of their first child. Right now, Rollins is leaving TV after a long and bitter feud with the Mysterio Family, which brought out the absolute worst in him. Will Rollins come back with a new attitude after some time off?

Having A Baby Could Change Seth Rollins

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a bitter and miserable Seth Rollins on WWE TV. This was simply not his year, he was rejected as a locker room leader, and even betrayed in the end by this closest ally of Buddy Murphy. He’s lost the support of fans, and his wife was no longer in the locker room to help keep him balanced.

The best cure for all this is just taking some time off, spending time with family, including a new member that he’s been awaiting for months now. He has a big chance to center himself, and remember who Seth Rollins actually is. He’s a natural hero, just one taken down the wrong path.

A Perfect Foil For Roman Reigns

Right now on Smackdown Live, there is an undisputed top heel. While on RAW, you could have argued that was Rollins, he’s no match for The Tribal Chief in this regard. Reigns is at the head of the table both in the Anoa’i family, and Smackdown Live. He’s the Universal Champion, and while he’s got Kevin Owens & Daniel Bryan lined up to face him, it’s unlikely either could succeed.

However, a reinvigorated Seth Rollins, a man who is practically family to Roman Reigns? Now that might be the man who can take him down a peg. They’ve always been incredible rivals, and this could even be a potential Wrestlemania match. It’s an easy storyline for WWE to move into, and enough time has passed to make a Reigns vs. Rollins match fresh again.

Do you think Seth Rollins will return as a face? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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