Should WWE Add Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships To 205 Live?

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Lately on WWE’s show dedicated to the best cruiserweights they have on hand, there have been more and more tag teams forming. From Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde of Legado Del Fantasma, to the loud mouthed Ever-Rise, a division has been quietly erected on 205 Live. Could this all be leading to WWE introducing new championships to the brand?

205 Live Needs Something To Freshen Things Up

Having just passed a staggering 205 episodes, when most fans gave this show a one year life-span at best, 205 Live has proved to be resilient. It’s been given a horrible timeslot, following Smackdown Live, yet has built up a passionate fanbase. A recent move to the home of NXT in the Capitol Wrestling Center bodes well for the brand, and could potentially lead to it moving to Wednesday or Thursday nights in the future.

This new venue has given some new life to the show, feeling like a much better fit for the brand, and it came with a new focus. Most weeks now, we get one tag team match, and then a singles match. This tag team focus has brought Ever-Rise to the spotlight, brought in newcomers like Curt Stallion & August Grey, and gave Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari something to do as the elder statesmen of the brand.

The current NXT Tag Team Champions, & Danny Burch used 205 Live to gain some much needed steam. Tag team matches helped to establish Wilde & Mendoza as more than just underlings to the reigning NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar. It’s a strong division, maybe the best tag team division in WWE right now in terms of skill and personality, yet it has no title.

Time For Another Tournament?

As we get closer to 2021, it might be time for 205 Live to bring out something to make it their best year yet. They’ve always done well with tournaments, the Cruiserweight Classic being the foundation for the entire brand. Now, they could do the same to celebrate the fantastic Cruiserweight Tag Team division, and it could be a good way to bring in a debuting team like The Rascalz from Impact Wrestling, who could be NXT bound very soon.

205 Live has often been forgotten by fans, but with it moving in along NXT, the future looks bright. Do you think WWE should add in a set of Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships to spice up 205 Live? Which team would you want to see be the first champions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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