The Rapid Rise Of Anna Jay In AEW Pays Off With Big Title Shot

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This coming Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, we have an AEW World Women’s Championship match to look forward to. Hikaru Shida will be on the side of the barricade that she deserves to be on, as she defends her gold against one of the fastest rising stars in all of professional wrestling. This is Anna Jay, a member of The Dark Order, and possibly the future star of AEW Women’s division.

Anna Jay Has Only Been Wrestling For One Year

While she still can be a bit clunky at moments in the ring, that can be forgiven as she only made her professional wrestling debut one year ago. It wasn’t a glamerous debut, taking place at a Georgia Premier Wrestling event, where her first match with Shalandra Royal ended in a DQ. Since then, she has put in the work, getting better with every match.

Since then, she has only had 13 more recorded matches, the bulk of them taking place in AEW. This is likely backed with her putting in many hours at QT Marshalls wrestling school, ‘The Nightmare Factory’, where she is trained. This has also helped her become comfortable on the microphone, perhaps one of her biggest strengths at the moment. We will see how that year of training and matches pay off in her biggest match yet on AEW Dynamite.

A Chance To Avenge Her AEW Debut

Back on the April 1st episode of AEW Dynamite, ‘The Star of The Show’ Anna Jay would make her debut against Hikaru Shida. It was an alright five minute match, with Shida beating Jay without breaking much of a sweat. Despite this, it got people talking about Jay, as many rightfully had no clue who she was, and looking her up online gave very little.

A lot has changed since then. Jay is no longer running ‘The Star of the Show’ gimmick, instead being part of The Dark Order. She’s become ‘The Queenslayer’ after choking out Brandi Rhodes, and is coming into this match with a four match win streak. Red Velvet, Skyler Moore, Katalina Perez, and most importantly Brandi Rhodes make up this streak, and Jay is keen to add Shida to this list.

While it is unlikely she wins this match, expect to be impressed by what Anna Jay has to offer when she locks up with the AEW World Women’s Champion. This might not be her time, but rest assured that she will climb that mountain, and become champion someday soon.

Do you think Anna Jay deserves to be called one of the fastest rising stars in AEW? Will she become AEW World Women’s Champion on Wednesday? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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