What’s Next For Ethan Page?

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Ethan Page, one half of Impact’s The North, have recently lost the Tag Team championships to Karl Anserson and Luke Gallows. It is now being reported that his contract is about to expire at Impact Wrestling along with six other wrestlers from the company.

Ethan Page has had a great run with Josh Alexander in The North as the Impact Tag Team champions. Although some may argue that Ethan Page could stay in Impact and have a singles run. There is now though a lot of opportunities out there what might be a better place for Ethan Page.  

Where could Ethan Page end up? 

WWE always seems like the dream place for any wrestler but that has changed over the past year. With the introduction of AEW and wrestlers gaining massive following from the indies. Meaning that Ethan Page could end up touring the indies for a while before he makes his long term choice. There is also ROH and NJPW to consider.

NJPW may not be the best way to go but ROH could be a great place for Ethan Page as he has wrestled there before. With their recent hiring of EC3, they could be looking for more talent. WWE may still be a choice but it never looks like the best place to go. 

Where’s the best place for Ethan Page? 

Looking at the different options that could be in front of Ethan Page. It looks like maybe Impact may be the best choice. With him only really being in the tag team picture. He might want to go into a singles run in Impact Wrestling rather than move company.

Although he could possibly go to NXT which could be a good place for him to build as a singles main event wrestler. If he did want to continue on his tag team run, AEW could be the best place. As he could join his old tag team partner Matt Sydal. There are a lot of places out there for Ethan Page but only time will tell where he ends up. 

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