Who Actually Attacked AEW World Champion Jon Moxley?

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Two weeks ago on AEW Dynamite, just ahead of the contract signing for his match with Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley was laid out. He clearly blamed Kenny Omega for this, getting some very satisfying revenge before signing the contract and making the match official this week. However, with how dominant Kenny Omega has been lately, he would have done a better job at keeping Moxley down.

Moxley even went as far as to insult the hitman for doing a poor job, but we still don’t know who did it. There’s a few possible people who would want to take a few free shots at Jon Moxley, let’s look at some options at who attacked him!

KENTA Wants A Match With Jon Moxley In NJPW

While we’ve already made an entire post considering KENTA as a suspect, he’s still a top one. Wrestle Kingdom is just around the bend, and KENTA has a contract giving him a match for the IWGP United States Championship. Jon Moxley has held this belt since last year’s Wrestle Kingdom, but hasn’t been able to defend that championship lately.

KENTA has been getting more and more irate about having to wait for this title shot. With him not involved in World Tag League despite not having a clear route to Wrestle Kingdom, it’s clear he is likely home in Florida for a few weeks. This put him right next to AEW, and the man he’s been needing to send a message too. It’s a long shot, needing AEW & NJPW to work together, but would be a very satisfying outcome.

MJF Wants His Rematch, And Has Plenty Of Backup

Another man who has an issue with Jon Moxley is MJF. At All Out, he met Moxley in the thrilling main event match, and gave the best match of his career. Despite this, he lost and only because Jon Moxley broke the rules and used The Paradigm Shift, a move banned during the contract signing.

It’s clear MJF wants a rematch to prove he can beat Jon Moxley, and now is the time to set that match up. MJF & Wardlow are now part of The Inner Circle, alongside Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz. This makes him more dangerous than ever, and Inner Circle has a bone to pick with Moxley as well. The only part of this that doesn’t add up, is that if Inner Circle had beat Moxley down, he’d probably still be down!

Will Hobbs Was Forgotten By Jon Moxley

A few weeks back, Will Hobbs was supposed to get his big chance in a huge six man tag team match. He would have teamed with Jon Moxley & Darby Allin to face Lance Archer, Brian Cage & Ricky Starks. This match was cancelled due to Jon Moxley being exposed to COVID-19, and was quickly forgotten.

In the following weeks, Hobbs remained a target of Team Taz, but did Moxley return the favor and come to Hobbs aid, like he did for Moxley? Nope. Now he’s part of Team Taz, has a new name of Powerhouse Hobbs, and a new attitude to match. What better way to start than taking out Moxley backstage?

These are just a few people who could have an issue with Jon Moxley, and have reason to take him out. Who do you think attacked Jon Moxley, and why? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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